Slowly but surely, we're making our way through a week's worth of Chromecasts. We've got five of Google's $35 media streamers left here, and one of them can be yours!

To enter, pay attention and do the following: Using only your left ring finger, leave a comment of no more than 73 characters on this post. Press the enter key with your right index finger while simultaneously holding your left pinkie in the air, ever so elegantly.

That's it. We'll pick an entry left through midnight tonight Pacific time. We've already picked winners from the first two days and are waiting to hear back, so stay tuned.

Good luck!


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Chromecast-a-day: We've got five left, and one is yours!



Good luck!

Wow that was tough, considering the Enter doesn't exactly Enter.

Pick me! Tried to buy one day it came out, Best Buy lied to me, and sent me away. Would love to get one!. Follow android cental on an hourly basis. BIG FAN!

I truly madly deeply want this. Yeah, I just made a savage garden reference. Come at me bro!

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Happy Birthday to me! FYI Google changed their logo to a birthday theme for me when I'm logged in!

It's hard to type with the left ring finger but I really want one so please pick me.!

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This would be an awesome prize for someone who has never won anything.

Can I have one "for Freeeeeeee?" (If you never saw Bedtime Stories, you're missing out!)


Hope I get lucky! I want to win so bad! Don't make me drive all the way up to where your HQ is, get out my car, and hold up a boombox over my head playing "In Your Eyes" just to win!!

I sure hope they add Plex or local media streaming to the Chromecast. That would make it darn near perfect.

I don't know if I'll win, but I felt so elegant while following the instructions typing this.

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Glad you said left pinkie, my right one was blown off when my S4 exploded.

I didn't realize how hard it was writing a comment with your left ring finger, ha.

I'm an android guy and I will gladly sacrifice my iPod for a chrome cast.. Pick me

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i would sure love to have a chromecast, ring finger hurts now. this is very specific. yes

Pick me and I shall forever be in your service.
I also use android central app on my Nexus 4 and I am subscribed to your youtube channel

Would love to see this in action on my screens!

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I followed the instructions to a T and I even had a cup of tea in my hand while doing it.

Entering these contests is like playing the claw machine game: you know you shouldn't, but damn if the chances of winning are so close in front of you. Pick me!

I would love one of these things. It is as if it was designed with my pattern of usage in mind. I very much hope to be randomly picked for one these awesome gizmos!

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I don't need it but I want it. Third time's a charm right.

Posted via Sprint and a miracle.

typing with one finger on my left hand is not easy... but worth it if you pick me.

also, hitting enter even with my pinkey in the air does not post the comment, just saying.

If I could legally marry Google I would, but alas getting a Chromecast is all I can do.

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i dont care how hard you make this to enter im still trying to win. still easier than getting an online rebate form filled out ;) kinda hard to hit the shift key with only one finger.

Man this was a difficult one to do correctly. Took me four....five tries.
Thanks a lot!!!

typing with this finger is hard.
and you need to press tab before enter.

Whiffed the last two days so come on now let me get a hit here, pick me!!!!!!!!!!

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