Slowly but surely, we're making our way through a week's worth of Chromecasts. We've got five of Google's $35 media streamers left here, and one of them can be yours!

To enter, pay attention and do the following: Using only your left ring finger, leave a comment of no more than 73 characters on this post. Press the enter key with your right index finger while simultaneously holding your left pinkie in the air, ever so elegantly.

That's it. We'll pick an entry left through midnight tonight Pacific time. We've already picked winners from the first two days and are waiting to hear back, so stay tuned.

Good luck!


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Chromecast-a-day: We've got five left, and one is yours!


Swyped 73 characters while holding my phone upside down and using my very high pinky. Lol pick me

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Seeing as I couldn't log in yesterday for some reason you should pick me!

I want to work with a Chromecast so bad my teeth hurt. I'm even going to the dentist tonight to have some pulled out. I'll trade ya'.

Definition: A plant Ranunculus Ficaria of Linnaeligus whose tuberous roots have been used in poultices as a specific for the piles

Please pick me, I really want one of these and waited to long to get it, now every one is sold out :(

Pick me. A shiny new Chromecast would certainly make my hospital stay more enjoyable. It would free up my tablet while slingin Netflix to the not so smart room TV.

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Chromecast for me!

Here's a cat

/` '\
=== 0 0 ===
\ -- /
/ \
/ \
| |
\ || || /

Today is the day, I just know it. If not then in the words of the terminator "I'll be back".

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I still have time to cancel my Amazon order if you pick me!

Posted via Android Central App with the HTC One

Would love a chromecast so I can turn my tv into a smart TV without having to get a whole new tv

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The winner is chosen randomly, right? So a sad story about a free Chromecast being the only thing capable of curing my hamster's cancer won't help? Pity.

Um... I think you guys forgot to make me a winner the last two days. Let's go ahead and correct that today.

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I'm moving in with my girlfriend soon, she's an Apple fanatic. I would love to have this so that she doesn't get an Apple TV. I'm fighting the war against Apple, one device at a time!

I would love one too, chances are slim with this many people but who cares... Thanks again!!!!!

Phil, pick me! I have been following you since the Windows mobile days and
made the jump to Android with you.

It's really hard to type like this... I'll take one though!

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These requirements are getting more challenging. Hunting and pecking is a hard way to type.

I didn't get picked in the contest last, AC please award me a Google Chromecast!

My 30th bday was this past Saturday (July 27th), this would be a perfect birthday gift!

I followed the instructions to the tee! Then I proceeded to drink some Earl Grey. (*British accent)

Oh Oh pick me! My girlfriend has been on my butt to replace our current media streamer and this would fit the bill perfectly!

I like to party, but you can't start the party without the chromecast to stream your music videos so can you help me out android central?

I followed the instructions! Thanks AC Team!

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