This is it, folks. The final offering from our weeklong "Chromecast-a-day" contest. We've given away a half-dozen already, and today rounds it out.

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. That's it. We'll pick from entries through midnight PST tonight. We've got a little catching up to do, so stay tuned for a week's worth of winners.

Good luck!


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Chromecast-a-day: The final dongle


Well last day is my last chance. Hope I can cast soon!!!

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Usually I read through the forums for hot tips on new tech, and you never know what's going to come up next. This contest was a great idea and I've had fun the last week waiting till the end of a busy day and looking for your post. Kind of breaks the cycle a little bit. Thanks.

Like I just don't care.(but i really do, so can you send this chromecast my way?)

One last ditch effort. Got to give this everything I've got.

Uhhh... Pick Me.

Your last chance? I never win ANYTHING AT ALL! Hell my wife is a bigger loser than me...ha ha ha, just ' fun since I can't "poke" her @ all.

Any volunteers, I better warn you though, she's had multi-devices BUTT is cooler than a witches titty! This is after 28 years of marriage, methinks she needs Viagra for chicks!

Nuff said, did I win the ChromeCast? I'm willing to share...that should be good enuff based on merits alone.

I can't win if I don't try. So here's my entry.

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Chromecast might be the greatest invention in the history of television invention.

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Happy last Chromecast Giveaway Day from Toronto. I can't wait for this device to become available in Canada. Maybe I have luck on my side today. Thanks for the great stories and contest.

Good luck to everyone :-)


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I need to have this thing. I constantly search best buy, amazon, and the play store to see when it will be in stock!!!

Please send me the final day chromecast :(

Good luck to all! I just hope the winner appreciates the amazing potential behind this tiny little dongle!

Chromecast. All the men want to be him. All the women want to be with him.

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I never have any luck winning these things, but hey it is worth a shot.

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Last day makes me sad. You can brighten my mood by picking me as the winner? Please?

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I have my shipping details ready just tell me where to send them

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I hope to win this, my tv is very dumb and don't have the micro hdmi to hdmi cable for my phone.

Here goes one final chance, hope I win

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Sure do want one of these! It's cool that the developers are creating new uses!

I would enjoy this final dongle. Only dongles allowed are those with Chrome logos though.

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