OK, boys and girls. We're in the home stretch now. Just four Chromecasts remaining on our desk, and one of them can be yours today.

We're declaring this "No-hoop Hump Day." To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. We'll collect 'em through midnight PDT (anything after that won't count) and pick a winner in the morning.

And congrats to the winners of the first two days —  Ben in Utah and Ray in Houston! Your Chromecasts are on their way!


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Chromecast-a-day: And then there were four



Sick of physically tethering the computer to the TV, can't wait to get out of the dark ages and start casting!

World Hoop Day is a charity that gives hula hoops to children in need.

Although you didn't say no-WORLD hoop day. I am sure on this non-Wednesday you do support hoop day for all the kids.

Congrats Ben and Ray! Thanks AC for the laughs every day (with the contest instructions).

What a great new gadget, would love to have one for my gadget arsenal! :) Thanks AC! Michael

Yes please! I have one more device in the house to connect to Netflix and this would be perfect!

No hoops? What is that referencing? As opposed to the hoops jumped through on days that don't fall on a Wednesday? By the way, Wednesday should be capitalized...not to mention spelled correctly; however, I'm not insinuating anything. Any more questions?

Would love to turn my "Dumb" TV into a "Smart" TV. As the old lady said she would meet me in the middle on me getting a Smart TV.

Its been a good week so far, maybe the luck will continue and Lloyd will bless me with fun new tech!

Another day of waking up disappointed! Come on AC.. I've made my sacrifices to the tech gods. Help me out here :-(

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Please send me one - it'll help me to get over the disappointment of the release delay of this and the Nexus 7 in the UK.

I got in an argument on FB last night over Chromecast. Please AC help me enlighten the masses

I bought one but it was DOA! So disappointing. Hopefully I can win this one and it will actually work.

Phil please let me show the wife and kids that this Android Tech stuff can fit into their Apple lives.

I'm patiently (not really) waiting and hoping I win one.

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