Casting any media may soon be a reality in CyanogenMod

We've seen that Koush, the application developer and Android hacker everyone knows and loves, is working on all sorts of cool stuff for the Chromecast he picked up. We're glad, because who better to crack it wide open and see what it can do than Koush, amirite?

Early this morning on Google+, he showed off his latest project, which will allow any audio or video file to be streamed casted to your TV using a CyanogenMod-powered device and the Chromecast dongle. In his demo above he shows it off using the Twit.TV app, but he explains that the process should be the same for any media you can play through any app.

Right now, details are a little sparse, but we do know that he's coded the functionality right into the OS using framework extensions. CyanogenMod is open-source, so we'll be able to see exactly how it's done once completed and any pesky Developer Preview SDK agreements are finished.

We have to wonder — if it's this simple (no disrespect intended to Koush's hard and clever work), will Google be adding similar functionality right into Android in the future? Or will the copyright holders keep that from happening?

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Chromecast all the things: Koush working on functionality to Chromecast everything in CM


Following Kush on Google+ was maybe the most exciting thing I've done on the platform thus far. The guy's brilliant!

Thats so true. Most of the time I can't stand all the stuff people put up when u follow them. Its always interesting to stop and read his posts. About developing.

Wow. With this we won't have to wait on app devs to add in chromecast functionality. This is amazing.

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Damn, so his app will be for CM only? I was looking forward to this app for when I do buy a chromecast so I can just stream any movie I have downloaded to my phone straight to my TV. If its CM only though that'd be a bummer.

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This doesn't mean that, this is not a standalone app but a bit of codes to integrate it into the ROM , he's still waiting for Google to give him go ahead to make his app public
Anyway other ROMs gonna kang it as usual

Are you kidding me?
This is.. AMAZING! the potential here is off the charts.. I'm running CM now on my Nexus-7 2013... can't wait to see this filter out.. now I have a reason to spend $35.00.

Why doesn't Google hire this guy!! He's pretty damn good! Chromecast hasn't been out for a month and he's already found a way to cast all audio and video!? Google would have made a killing if they had this function out the box.

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I think its less about having the code to do it and more about having the "ok" to do it. Google probably would have included it in their 4.3 code if they didn't think someone would sue them I suspect.

All that said - Koush has been a tremendous asset to our development community and he definitely is one of my favorite Devs. For some reason though the really solid Devs never accept or stay too long if they do at one of the OS development houses. I would expect that their free style approach to what they want to work on today eventually butts up against the corporate mindset of "you will work on this today".

Either way - I agree with ya Wayne.. happy we have him in the community.

It's not always about what you CAN do, but what you're ALLOWED to do. That and what is compatible with your company's missions and goals. I'm sure Google could have built this into 4.3, but that's not necessarily compatible with what they or their partners want to do. At least for now.

But I suspect Google secretly hearts Koush and CyanogenMod and a lot of what they do. I know they've copied features from them in the past, and they tend to get a huge kick out of seeing the community max out their OS's potential. A ton of their employees are running CM (and other ROMs) on their phones.

Hope Google (or some hack) lets you cast YouTube live events. I heard that's not supported right now. Great work by Koush though, this thing can be baked right into the OS, Google should just do that for KLP.

"will Google be adding similar functionality right into Android in the future? Or will the copyright holders keep that from happening?"

Like you even had to ask...

Glad I'm on CyanogenMod. My Chromecast order with Amazon should be delivered by Halloween according to their latest ETA. LMAO.

This is exciting, Ive hooked my chromecast to my nexus 4, Youtube and Netflix are a tease.

There is so much more I want to watch with my chromecast.

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