HTC One 802w'HTC 802w' hides external storage and two SIM slots behind removable back cover

As much as the 32 to 64 gigabytes of internal storage in the standard HTC One might be enough for most users in the West, different markets sometimes call for different features. And a feature difference is exactly what we're seeing in the first leaked shots of what seems to be a Chinese HTC One variant going by the model name 802w. That's right -- there's dual SIM support, in addition to a microSD slot.

Spotted by Engadget Chinese over on Sina Weibo, the 802w hides all extra stuff behind a removable back cover. That's something not found on the European and American HTC One models, which pack everything into a sealed unibody enclosure with only a pop-out microSIM tray along the left edge. The Chinese handset, said to be headed to China Unicom, has one SIM slot for WCDMA/GSM (data and voice) and another for GSM (voice only), a trait common to many dual-SIM devices.

Even if it's a legit HTC-made product and not a knock-off, we wouldn't hold our breath for HTC One variants like this outside of the Far East. What's more, the prospect of using such a device without Google services might not make the 802w a particularly attractive prospect for import. But at least we'll always be able to fawn over the picture above.

Source: Sina Weibo; via: Engadget Chinese, Engadget


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Chinese HTC One variant spotted with microSD slot, dual SIM capabilities


In fact, you can't even install Google Play Store unless the phone is rooted. Google Play Store is officially banned on Android in Mainland China. What an irony.

If it's a knockoff, though, would the label say HTC 802W? (Engadget has this picture big enough to read that.) Doesn't look tampered or modified. Seems a bit blatant.

Seriously.....I know many "2 phone people" that would love to have just one device to carry with both sims in one phone. Myself included. Why is it, that we cant have a high end dual sim phone in the states? I know I am a minority with the wanting of this phone, but it would be awesome. And why cant the US variant of the 8.0 note have the phone feature as well in the states? Enough ranting.....I cant believe I make $2500.00 a week sitting on the couch since I got an ipad......JK

loving the last sentence. I get so sick of the spam posters, but love that you can make fun of them! The best smile of my day - thanks

What I would want to know is what WCDMA channels does this support. If this is pentaband it may be worth importing regardless, especially if it also supported DC-HSPA+ speeds. LTE is nice, but unnecessary to me if I can still get 10Mb+ download speeds. Having a micro-sd slot on a One would more than make up for it. This, rooted, with Gapps and Titanium Backup installed (to move apps to the SD card), would make for a perfect phone for me.

I have no use for dual sims, but I would prefer a phone with upgradeable memory. Thanks HTC for keeping the good phones to yourself, why you stick us (in the US) with locked down crap.

Unless this is a knock off. (A knock of with dual sims?)