Blue HTC OneWe've seen plenty of the blue HTC One of late, thanks to various pre-release leaks of the unannounced color option. And now it seems U.S. carrier Sprint might be getting first dibs on the new, blue version of the phone, if a leaked internal screenshot is to be believed.

PhoneArena has obtained an image of a recent Sprint handset update advisory showing the HTC One in blue listed alongside a Sept. 10 launch date. If accurate, the blue HTC One would join the "glamor red" version on Sprint -- the carrier already has exclusivity over that model in the U.S.

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Blue HTC One tipped for Sept. 10 launch on Sprint


The silver one is nice. Better than the black one. I almost traded my note 2 with a friend. The one just looks so sleek.

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It's like they WANT me to buy One....
Still don't know which color I'd get. I'd have to see them in-store, but black looks the best to me in pictures. Congrats to Sprint? It'd be nice if these weren't exclusive and available from the start, but then I remember (correctly perhaps) they already had supply issues at launch anyway...

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I saw the red one in person at a Sprint store. It looked awesome! I almost wanted to trade my silver one in for it.

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Definitely would want the blue one. I'll have to check on Sprint coverage in my area.
...of course I can always put together a MOTO X in the same color on ATT if Sprint's coverage is poor where I live.

The blue one does look nice. Too bad I won't be renewing my contract with them anymore. Just switched the wife to T-Mobile and am looking forward to trying them out to see if I can finally get some decent data speeds. In good news, I finally saw my first 4g signal at work with Sprint. Too bad it only lasted 2 minutes. Maybe just maybe Sprint can redeem themselves.

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I am in an early Sprint LTE market, I have had LTE for a year and T-Mobile HSPA+ and their new LTE already has better coverage and faster speeds. My contract is up in Nov, I will be joining my friends on T-Mobile soon.

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With the two for one deal you can get a red one and blue one, and with some glasses recreate the brief 3D phone fad of a couple years ago

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I don't believe this.
1. The "with Nextel" is no longer on that page
2. Sprint has committed to only releasing phones on Fridays for the remainder of 2013

1. Sprint has dropped the Nextel branding
2. Was there a statement that says Releases on Fridays only? Source?

That's what I meant, Sprint dropped the Nextel brand and the page they had a screenshot of no longer says "Together with Nextel" like in their photo.
As for the releases, I don't know if they made a public announcement, but internally it was stated that all releases would be on Fridays this year. Last year it kept jumping between Friday and Sunday, but Sunday sucked as a release date. Friday better maximizes weekend traffic.

I think he's trying to say the tip is B.S. because the screenshot shows the old tag line about Nextel, and the Sept 10 release date is not on a Friday.

I like choice, but why oh why are these phones getting new colors faster than software updates? :)

And I would not choose a carrier just for a particular phone/phone color.

Still, you have to hand it to Sprint getting the HTC at launch, having a great BOGO deal and then keeping interest going with the red now the Blue version.

Instead of the pretty colors, why doesn't SPRINT focus on opening up more LTE market areas, so any of these colorful phones can be utilized on the services that they were made for! (And that we pay for but don't get.)

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I don't think the business guys that seal these deals know how to install RRU's ;)

I know what you mean though :P

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Hopefully all this HTC/Sprint love means I'll have a shot at an HTC One Max (or whatever they brand it as) when it's released!

It would look better with white trim. I still want it. And the rd one. And the black one. And the mini and the maxx. Seriously.

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