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Best Buy has announced that they will have exclusive rights to retail sales and pre-order of the HTC Thunderbolt, launching in mid-February.  The press release makes note of the data speeds on Verizon's LTE network, gives an overview of Best Buy's services, and talks about their rich line-up of high end smartphones, but no pricing or a firm release date were given.  You can read the presser, after the break. [Businesswire]

Best Buy® Announces National Retail Exclusive and Pre-Sale Availability of HTC ThunderBolt

HTC ThunderBolt is the nation’s first 4G LTE smart phone

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Best Buy today announced the immediate pre-sale availability of the HTC ThunderBolt at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile standalone stores nationwide. The HTC ThunderBolt, which will launch in mid-February as a national retail exclusive for Best Buy, is the first smart phone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

“The HTC ThunderBolt is a groundbreaking smart phone and Best Buy couldn’t think of a better way to kick off 2011 than by offering it as a national retail exclusive to our customers,” said Scott Anderson, head of merchandising for Best Buy Mobile. “We have worked hard to provide our customers with a great selection of smart phones which now includes the HTC ThunderBolt, both versions of the iPhone 4, Samsung Nexus S, HTC EVO™ 4G and many more options.”

The HTC ThunderBolt offers a rich web browsing experience and the ability for users to easily generate and share their own video experiences. Other key features of the HTC ThunderBolt include the ability to:

  • Download a song in less than 4 seconds
  • Download 20 photos in a minute
  • Stream TV shows from your computer

Best Buy Mobile offers an array of services aimed at improving customers’ experience, including Walk Out Working, Upgrade Checker, Happy24, Buy Back and a full array of accessories for customers to protect and personalize their device.


Reader comments

Best Buy to have retail exclusive for HTC Thunderbolt


I really want to hold this phone. I have been waiting for somehting to come out at vz that is comparable to the evo. Bout time. Just hope the battery life is good.

Rumors are that the battery life is really bad. But that's expected with the tiny battery in there. It should have a 1950 like the Atrix/Bionic.

Comparable to the evo the x walks all over the evo. It's HTC don't get your hopes up on battery life.

It's great to finally have an official announcement. Now, maybe all of the doubters will be happy.

And Android doesn't support Dual Core outside of Honeycomb (and maybe 2.4 if the rumors are real). So, I don't see a lack of dual core as a dealbreaker.

Shows you people are retards and follow hype and don't know crap.

"I haz to haz the dual cores. I need my angry birdz to runz fasterz!"

So does that mean it's only ever gonna be available through BB or does it mean that it will be released later for Verizon? I want to buy mine through Verizon but this sounds like Verizon won't be selling it too? Just clarifying for my own sanity. Thanks!

.. what the.. why is best buy doing this? why Can't verizon do this themselves? Iphone overload may be bad but still.. it doesn't mean they can't sell any other phones, and iphone has been around for awhile anyway. lameee

The Thunderbolt will be sold in all Verizon corporate stores. RETAIL exclusivity just means that you will not see it in any other stores like Radio Shack, Walmart, etc.

That's strange. I work for a premium retailer, and Verizon sent us a huge box of Thunderbolt signs, displays, flyers, etc. It was even labeled "HTC Thunderbolt Independent" on the outside of the box. I can't imagine why they'd go through the expense of sending us that much stuff for a phone we won't be able to carry.

I don't understand why they wouldn't sell their own first 4g phone. If you want it to avoid the iPhone hype then launch it later in the month or even earlier. Come on man!

BBY said they are the exclusive retailer which just means that you won't see this phone at wal mart, or the shack just at best buy and ofcourse VZW

Thanks for replying. I couldn't imagine that Verizon wouldn't sell it but with BB coming out with it first, I was confused. This is the first phone for which I have been glued to my computer and any updates about it before purchasing. I don't know how much of a standard practice this is (BB release before Verizon) sometimes is for items like this.

I'm going to hold off getting this from Best Buy as I want it on a 1-year contract. But, seriously, VZW needs to get some pricing information out on this soon. No way would I pre-order this from anyone without knowing with data plans will cost for LTE / 4G.

Funny how they list key features and what one would think is the biggest feature of all isn't listed......voice and data at same time.

I put my deposit down today, BB Mobile rep said 14th, the Regional Verizon Rep wasn't saying much about the date, but did say the data was unlimited just like it is now, and the price was the same as it is now. I take it for what its worth, meh, not much. Still my cash is holding my spot in line.

I wonder if the "exclusive" for BB retail vs other big box is BB gets to do pre-orders or perhaps they get it a week or two earlier than any other Big Box retailers. Honestly I could care less. I get the buy back guarantee for free.

I also keep reading about activation fee's, why exactly would I have to pay for an activation if I already have service on Verizon and I am simply upgrading and eligible line? They are not activating anything they are simply turning the phone on.

i think it might be for new customers, either that or they wanna nickel and dime u like every other corporation

Thanks for giving me credit for this one, guys. I mean, I know you all get a lot of random emails, but have I let you all down yet??? THEN GIVE ME MY DUE!!! *aimed at the Android Central staff*

I preordered one this afternoon at my BB and they said it was coming out on the 14th as well. They hadn't heard anything about updated data plans yet.

Hello fellow Droid junkies I just wanted to inform you guys about the Voice/Data capabilities on a cellular network.... My cousin is a chief engineer at Verizon... and apparently since Verizon & Sprint are both CDMA networks; because of that they will never be able to carry those kinds of services like AT&T. However Verizon is literally the fastest mobile network in North America and those services wont probably be available until Verizon utilizes the rest of its share of the Spectrum. Give it time my friends.... the future of electronics is going to be unimaginable.

Then your cousin should know what SVDO is. Also, it works on Lte. Your post didn't really make sense.

For those wondering the exclusivity ends 60 days after release. Forgive my earlier, petulant rambling. I work for a company owned by a major retailer and our Verizon rep has rather loose lips. I will feed you all whatever I can grab about the data plans as soon as he accidentally tells me more.

Fuck. I hate Best Buy and don't really want to buy it there. Hopefully a solution to buy direct from VZW surfaces and they get it in at VZW so I don't have to help support a retarded Best Buy employee paycheck.

As was stated earlier in the comments, multiple times: This is retail exclusivity, meaning retail stores/chains. Verizon will carry it in their corporate stores, and some independent Verizon stores may also carry it. This just means that in the beginning, you will not be able to buy the Thunderbolt at Wal-Mart or The Shack or any place else like that.

How can BB take pre-orders when there is no official release date and no one know what the 4G data plan costs will be?