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If you were paying particularly close attention to upcoming Galaxy Note rumors around late October, you may recall that a Samsung "GT-N5110" device appeared in a DLNA certification listing. This prompted speculation of a possible 7-9-inch Galaxy Note variant, on account of Samsung's naming scheme for Note devices. (The original international Note was GT-N7000, the Note 2 is GT-N7100 and the Note 10.1 is GT-N8000.)

Today there's further evidence to suggest more Galaxy Note tablets are in the works. A GLBenchmark listing for a Samsung GT-N5100 has appeared, indicating a device running Android 4.1.2 on a 1.6GHz Exynos 4412 processor -- same as the Galaxy Note 2. The screen resolution of 1280x800 also hints at a tablet device rather than a new phone, and the firmware version (N5100XXALL3) indicates something built during the month of December. These details wouldn't be impossible to fabricate, but the consistency seen here suggests to us that this is in fact a real device.

Samsung's naming scheme points to GT-N5110 and GT-N5100 being different variations of the same device. Typically, tablets with model numbers ending in 00 are Wifi-plus-cellular options, while those ending in 10 are Wifi-only. For example, the Wifi-only Note 10.1 is GT-N8110, while the Wifi-plus-3G version is GT-N8100.

Unfortunately there's no information as to what form this device will take, though a 7-inch tablet would fit quite elegantly between the existing 5.5-inch Note 2 and 10.1-inch Note 10.1. It's possible we might learn more about this device at CES in a couple of weeks, but given Samsung's track record, we think an unveiling at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February is more likely. Whatever happens, we'll be at both shows, and we'll keep you posted on any further developments.

Source: GLBenchmark; via: SamMobile


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Benchmark listing provides further evidence for more Galaxy Note tablets


Hi Alex & Phil

Glad to see a comment on this in Android Central. I hope it turns out true and is launched on Sprint. My dream is to have "One Device" to carry around as it is less costly to operate than 2 and easier to maintain organized Apps than on 2. If you make a list of +'s and -'s, it comes out a winner for me. No,I would not hold it up to my face for calling as there are many BT headset options. With my current HTC EVO 4G, getting it ringing out of my pocket frequently drops the incoming call which is a negative. A negative some may think of is that the form factor differences between phones and tablets means quickly finding Apps is not always quick as with 2 devices as their locations are different. Looking forward to a discussion on this as I am sure it won't be everyone's dream device. Hope to meet your Crew at CES. Sometimes fffastfffrank

FYI, this more than likely won't be a phone. Just a regular 7" tablet in the note form factor(meaning with a stylus).

Uhh, last I checked, the international Note 10.1 WiFi only is the N8010 (not the 8110) and the 3G model is the N8000 (not the N8100). US WiFi only is the N8013.

I think this would be a sweet device!!!! Small enough to fit in the purse but with all the notes awesome features.

I hope it's the successor to the galaxy tab 7.7. This tab is the perfect sized tablet. Only thing missing is the s-pen. Though the only similarity is the resolution.

A 7 inch format Note would be very nice. In general I find the 10 inch budget TF300T very practical, because of the keyboard. But a smaller tablet with a stylus would be lovely to use and very practical in so many situations, I'm just concerned about the price Samsung will ask for it.

I know you like the Galaxy camera Alex. It is an interesting idea, but the price of Data in the UK would really put me off ever getting one. I also think the ideas need to be combined with a better interchangeable lens camera for it to really hit the spot. In short I think Sony make a better camera, if it is the camera you need.

Your work application probably makes this device almost ideal. But do you really see it as a solution for many other users; or just a stage in development for a future device that WILL hit the spot?

It would be nice if they had an 8.9 inch Note. My wife loves her tab 8.9, but she always has her eye on my Note 10.1