But that's why we made the Sideload Wonder Machine

HTC Inspire 4G sideloading

Oh, by the way. In case you were hoping AT&T had changed its ways when it comes to locking its phones into the Android Market -- not so much. There should be an option in the picture above on the HTC Inspire 4G that says "Unknown sources - allow installation of non-Market applications." But, obviously, there's not.

That's not to say there aren't ways around it. The Android Sideload Wonder Machine was designed for phones like the Inspire 4G. So don't forget who's got your back. (Hint: It's us.)


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AT&T up to its old tricks -- no sideloading apps on the HTC Inspire 4G


At this rate ATT will need to try to save face or quit the game. It's starting to get silly.... Overcharging for data plans by 7-14% and now this....

I said goodbye to at&t 2yrs ago and haven't looked back. They had the iPhone (which came with the isheep) but so what. Got the Pre from Sprint and moved over to the Evo. I've saved over $1000 easily in 2 yrs, plus the network is better and have had 2 dropped calls in two years. Better than 2 dropped calls a day....

AT&T is the pits. I ran screaming last summer to Sprint and an HTC EVO - and I swear I've had less dropped calls in 7 months with Sprint than I would have in any given WEEK with AT&T.

Not to mention a better phone, service, price, and better customer support. (Kudos to Sprint, HTC, and Android)

Sprint and T-Mo are great solutions for city people who never travel, or only travel by air, city-to-city.

There are places where AT&T falls to Edge, but these are shrinking. The places where they have no coverage at all are also shrinking.
Verizon is about the same as Edge anywhere other than cities. Slow.

If I only lived in a city, I'd probably opt for T-Mo or Sprint.

Well, thats more just T-mobile that is good for cities, remember, Sprint has equal if not bigger coverage than AT&T and they roam free to Verizon, the largest.

Huh? How can you possibly compare Verizon 3G to EDGE?

There is no change in speeds regardless of where you are, unlike AT&T, as long as you have Verizon service you're on 3G. In addition to that, no it's not like EDGE in relevance to speed, I'd gladly put my Incredible on VZW against any GSM phone locked to EDGE and gladly come out on top, no competition.

On paper, AT&T has faster 3G, but when your network is shit, and nobody can even get service, or a solid signal, what difference does it make.

AT&T just loves all the things that are locked: iPhone, their past android phones, this, and I'm sure the moto atrix will be too (cause its moto!)

1. ATT coverage is the best for me. Verizon is the worst.
2. Who cares about side loading apps? What is the great app that I need to have that isn't in the android market? Can someone please tell me.

Uh.. Swype, for one. There are also modded versions of HTC's keyboard that you can make at a certain site and have it skinned the way you want. Good luck getting that off of the Android Market. Some root apps, too, but at that point, you can enable sideloading regardless of AT&T's wishes.

You can't beta test any apps.

I've been a beta tester for both Swiftkey and mSecure before they were even in the market.

There are OTHER markets too. Amazon is creating a market.

Android was never meant to be tied to a single market.

Does no sideloading mean the phone doesn't have a media card slot? How do you put music on in that case? Couldn't sideloading be enabled if the phone were rooted?

Re read the article.

It has nothing to do with a media card slot. It has nothing to do with sideloading music.

Actually, thats not quite true. You can't install apps that aren't in AT&Ts version of the market. There have been times when a cool new app hits the market but it hasn't made it past the AT&T "Approval Squad" so you have to hunt for some kind souls extracted .apk.

Of course, these days I just laugh as I am running Continuum 2.2.1 and never looking back.... :)

And doesn't this Sidewonder machine let you sideload anyway? I don't understand why people get so upset about it.

Maybe because as a consumer, when you pay for something, you expect to be able to do whatever you want with it. Imagine if you bought a personal computer and wante to put an application that all of your friends were using, only to find out that the manufacturer of said computer doesn't allow it? You'd be pretty miffed...

AT&T is shameless! For the average user whose use to being used and or ok with being inside a box constructed by both carrier and manufacturer then I guess its ok. If however you a Super User that likes his freedom and not be told what to do with his own device for the purpose of the C&M to charge u more money as they spoon feed u and charge u for services u already have or have access to than its not only not ok it's an outrage