Now that Apple's lawsuit against HTC is all of six hours or so old, it's time to reflect at what exactly has happened. And we can sum it up in the following sentence: Apple has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against HTC.

Really, that's it at this point. You can still go out and buy the myTouch 3G. Or buy the Nexus One from Google. HTC is still shipping phones from Asia. Steve Jobs isn't going from home to home, collecting contraband. (Yet.) That's going to take an order from a judge. It's not out of the question, it's just that we haven't reach that point yet.

What has happened is the first step (we really don't like the "shots-fired" metaphor) in what's likely to be a long and winding legal battle, if only because we're talking patents -- not exactly something you see in an hour-long "Law and Order" episode, huh? And do remember that just because Apple filed a lawsuit, it doesn't mean that HTC has been found to have infringed on any patents.

There's more excellent analysis out there now.

As for us? We're going about our business. But we're going to be watching this suit for any signs of movement, and we're keeping one eye on Motorola, which would find itself in the same legal boat before long. Or not. We just don't know. Either way, stay tuned, folks.


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Apple Inc. v HTC: Day 1


It appears that Apple is looking for a sweeping judgment against HTC that would establish a 'legal precedent', thus allowing them to stomp Google in an Android suit later.

Apple are being complete douche bags at this point. One of the patents they're suing over was issued last month.

i know it's not official but say hypothetically speaking it was due in 3 weeks. Would it then be delayed or the process takes way too long. What are apples chance of winning and what happens if they win?

I think a good case to compare with is SCO versus...the world (they sued a bunch of companies). There are some big differences...mainly that SCO didn't have any real patents or Intelectual Property. But still, it's worth noting that SCO sued Novell YEARS ago, and the trial is just now starting. Novell has had nothing bad happen to them thus far, other than legal fees.

I suspect the same thing will happen here, it will be months if not years before anything substantial happens in Apple vs. HTC. And when things start to roll, it might still be years before any judgments are finalized. And even then, Apple might lose. When it's all done, will we even care about the Nexus One anymore? We'll all probably be using some 5G phone from a company that doesn't exist yet. :)

It's shows that Apple is really against google, but is going after HTC cause HTC is the main one that is making phones that runs Android and HTC is smaller then google/moto/plam. it has to be, why Apple isn't suing Microsoft for the Zune HD? cause MS has the money to take on the fight. if this goes through, HTC will have to settle and bow to whatever Apple say. Jobs feel threaten by HTC cause Android is doing everything that Apple wont let the buyer do. It's alot like how Moto tried to sue RIM over the same thing, but it was thrown out, if this gets thrown out, HTC,Google and the users is gonna give what comimg to Apple.

Google should block all of their services from being accessed from the iPhone. If folks couldn't get to youtube, docs, or gmail from their iPhone it would be crap! Well... bigger crap! Force them to use Bing and die! LOL

Apple is going after HTC just since they're the main manufacturer of Android devices and the maker of a phone that is, stat-wise, superior than their own and it bolsters an OS that's amazingly flexible and customizable. It's a real threat to them because it's unlocked and can be taken to other networks so people can take it to AT&T (although I've heard very few people using it on AT&T) and that would steal Apple's thunder. The iPhone is loosing it's thunder anyway because it simply does not change, it's the same thing each generation and they only release one new version a year. How many Android devices come out within a year? Apple knows it's loosing it's domination in the smartphone market and it's trying to keep it.

HTC is Google's golden goose, if you can take out the golden goose, then you take out the competition. However, isn't Motorola going to produce a lot more smartphones with the Android OS? If one is taken out then another will take it's place, Google has those options. And if Apple goes through with this they may be opening lawsuits against themselves for patent infringement, since they've done it before and Steve Jobs has, essentially, admitted to it himself. It feels like Apple's patents are so broad and vague, can you really say that they've patented anything? It seems like the reason why it's so broad and vague is so that they can't get sued just incase they've infringed upon someone else and so they can use it to their advantage if they feel threatened.

This is an indirect attack against Google since they're not going after any other companies because Google poses the most threat to them.

Steve Jobs:

"Oh crap Google has come up with something more innovative and open than my iphone os! Oh crap manufacturers are making phones that are better and have features that the iphone should've had when I charged $600 for it and then 6 months later spat on those people by making it $200!! Oh wait, I know! I'll just stifle innovation by patenting everything!"

If apple could patent a "method for sending voice data through wireless signals" they would, and then sue every wirless/cordless phone manufacturer/provider there is. Steve Jobs is soulless, and this just proves it!

"The ‘453 Patent, entitled "Conserving Power By Reducing Voltage Supplied To An Instruction-Processing Portion Of A Processor,":

->Apple, sue everybody that uses a modern processor architecture, both desktop, laptop and mobile chip-set manufacturers.

"Unlocking A Device By Performing Gestures On An Unlock Image", again: -> sue Palm inc, Google (as main android developer) and Microsoft because they all use those gestures.

Apple, I seriously think that instead of trying to block HTC/Google 's great product (that's what it is all about) you should try to step up to their level...

Ive been getting more and more angry with Jobs and Apple....i have an iphone and sad to say very ashamed of it now and cant wait to order my nexus one and become an Android user.

Money Money Money is what Apple cares about, no flash to keep out other apps other then the app store (money)...bringing limited tech out on the iPhones so people keep buying them (money)...the iPad (what the hell is that about, theres loads of other tablets out there!)

I think Palm/HTC/Google and Moto should combine and stand up together and fight Apple lol....that will show Apple that there F@CKED!!

Luckly in Europe we dont get affected by those types of patents so all the patents like the ones Apple is complaining about can be used here and they can't do anything about it!

I can't beleve how big Andriod is getting and so quick...Apple knows it and everyone knows it...the iPhone does have a killer and its everyone else giving the customers what they want and god bless google and HTC and everyone else for doing it...

Goodbye Apple and hello Android!

Suing for the reasons in the suits is completely off base. It would be the same thing if the first car company sued all the other car companies for using wheels, doors, windows, breaks, metal...... you catch my drift. Just because you implemented two finger touch on a phone doesn't mean that no-one else can ever use it, and for that fact then ATT could sue every cell phone maker since they invented it. I just don't see how this will help anyone. Also I MS and Google would have to be sued as well cause the it is actually the OS that is creating the multi-touch ability. Apple's strangle hold over the customers ability to actually do what they want with there phone is a major reason why I will never buy one and there app control is why I truly dislike Apple. Android is really making a push cause of it's OS openness and freedom to create just about any app. Also a major thing I like about the Android market place is the voting. If enough people find a program offensive then it is gone, kinda like how the US voting system used to work. I have been a Windows Mobile user for 2 years and a windows PPC user for 5 years prior to that, and I just purchased a Nexus One and am amazed and shocked by what I have been missing! I hope Apple looses to all patents and that the judge slams them for anti competition acts. The Android consortium needs to step in and go off on Apple, and make a fool of them. Apples closed system needs to broken, with there phone and there MacOS, cause they seem to be more of an anti-trust lawsuit just waiting to happen.

Ok I'm going to go play with my frig'n awesome Android phone. Thanks HTC and thanks Google for delivering so much fun!!!