One X +

About a week ago we set up a little giveaway in the Android Central forums, where a lucky person was going to win themselves a shiny new HTC One X+ from AT&T and AC. Today is the day when the contest was shut down, the numbers were randomized, and we picked a winner. Join me in congratulating i love storms for the awesome One X+ he has heading his way.

So, i love storms, enjoy that beauty and be sure to put the great camera on it to the test. I'm jealous!

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Channan says:

I'm such a loser. :(

Gkins3 says:

Don't get down on yourself... Power Ball is tonight! Come tomorrow, THEN you can be sad.

Gkins3 says:

Congratulations SOB! But really... that's awesome.

05GT says:

Congrats on winning an awesome phone!

doomstang says:

Congrats...I'm jelly

ady2k2000 says:

Congrats to the winner. :-)

marisdaman says:

Where's that note 2 giveaway

r1fo says:

Congratulations! I'm hoping if I keep trying I'll eventually have my name up there :-)

JobiWan144 says:

We all do, man. I only join contests for something I want, like a tablet. CDMA contracts FTL.

icu says:

Gah! I was the post right after 'em - does that mean anything beyond that fact that I suck at internet contests? Congrats btw I've ordered my new phone so I'm actually happy I didn't win yeah that's the ticket!

buzzard says:


prissysox says:

Congrats! Enjoy. Just got back with mine.

Congrats on winning that super phone!

icebike says:

Congrats to Storms.

May your skyline bristle with LTE towers and your data plan be unlimited.

shahid99 says:

Congrats man

dakid2k6 says:

Congrats on your new and shiny toy. :-)
Must enjoy it.

Jayh106 says:

Grats on your new shiny.

randall2580 says:

You Storms!

noname2062 says:


afazel says:

Congrats, man.

LadyDi says:

Congrats to the winner!!

crowrb29 says:

man I swear I'm like destined to never win anything :(

SkinsFan1987 says:

Congrats! Enjoy!