Remember that Quick App post from Jerry back in May? Well, Android Town is looking to expand and they’re in the process of making a multiplatform application and with that in mind, they’re looking to change their name and they’re going to let the users who helped them grow this app with such great feedback and suggestions, pick the new name! Drop a suggestion down in the comments and if you haven’t got this app already or taken a look at the latest version, you can get it here:

[Market Link | AppBrain]
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Also, don't forget to look for us in the town!
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myriad46 says:


buff6676 says:

the new name shouls be... "WHERE ARE YOU"

thekarens says:

I really like this app :)

jerkules says:

I think "Chandroid" would be nice. Combines Chat and Android.

joesaucey says:

They said for multi platform... not just Android.

I'm putting in my vote for "ArounDroid"

how about "zero in" as they are location based.

japclev says:

Wait for it:


Havekk says:


lonndoggie says:

Bristling with suggestions I am:

(Not Just) Android Town
Multi-platform Town

You're welcome.

mritter88 says:

Stop suggesting names that have "Droid" in them...they are looking for a name that can apply to all platforms...

Zero In is the best so far. I've never used this app though, maybe I'll check it out.

Kage87Z says:

Are geektown or geeksville taken?

grindking says:

socialtown (i know sociotown exists) :D

sehnsucht says:

I guess "Android City" is the logical name, given that they're expanding.

MOE-GUNZ says:

No its not logical because they want to go multiplatform.

I like these so far:

Where are you?

p0di says:

Social City
Here I Am
Smartphone Town
Smartphone City
Im Over Here Now
Gps City
Gps Town

cMARVEL360 says:

I flipping love this app! But why do they have to go multiplt? Like why can't we have our own badass app that no one eles has? As long as it remains free i'll be happy with it.

Kipp says:

I agree blackberries have bbm lets have our own little program!

ShortySk8n says:

My vote is for Android Town. Personally I think making it multiplatform would lessen it's usefulness. I like Android Town because it puts me in touch with other Android users. & if you add other platforms then it's just another chat program. Unless there is a way to narrow platforms.

MOE-GUNZ says:

I somewhat agree with this

Jo_795 says:

Phone Town would be a good name so it can be on the par with MUIMeet

easy1jay says:

I'd suggest Android World but if it's going to be multi-platform...

And why not have an option to browse users by platform?

korp#IM says:

Globo Talk

JNsince1985 says:

Android Messenger or Androids Unite? Maybe...

Sha_Peeples says:

Hey everyone,

Thanks for using our application and helping us grow!

We have a few MAJOR updates coming this week including a total re-brand and name change to Peeples!

Thanks for downloading,