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Now that the warmer weather has finally rolled in, many more days are spent outdoors, doing the things we all have grown to love. Sometimes finding a new spot to fish, a new trail to ride, or a new area to swim can be a little difficult if you are unfamiliar with the area you are in. If you are an outdoors person, and love to put your technology to work to help you find new things to do, Trimble Outdoors is the perfect application for you. Take a peek after the jump to see what this application can offer.

How many times have you woke up to a beautiful day, thought to yourself that you want to be out there enjoying it, but then realized you were tired of doing the same old things and wish you could find something new to do? Often times I have found myself in the same scenario, wishing I could figure out more to do with my outdoor side, and then I found Trimble Outdoors. With a price point of $9.99 I was a little skeptical at first, but after downloading and installing, I decided the price is well-deserved. Upon loading the application you are presented with a home screen that breaks down all your outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, fishing, running, hunting, flying and many more. Once a category is selected, it will bring you into a GPS overview of the area you are in so you can see what is around you, to find that new trail,  lake or walking path. This will also begin a new trip for you, so you can keep track of some stats like how far you have gone, the overall time you have been doing the particular event, how far until your next destination, if one has been selected and then you are able to see a chart of the change in elevation during your trip. 

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Once finished with a particular trip, or activity you are presented with an option to save the trip. Sure, this may seem like a small feature, but all of your trips are then stored so you are able to go back and view them, making it easy to see what you have done for the day, week or even longer. In the menu you are able to search online for various activities, which will then populate a list of places which are related to that topic so you have new areas to explore. In the help section you will find a tutorial, some quick tips as well as online help, which is very convenient for those who like to know they have full support at any time. Overall, the Trimble Outdoors application is rather basic in presentation, which helps you utilize the features easily on the go while motivating you to continue to pursue various outdoor activities. Be sure to check it out in the Market, and grab yourself a copy!

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Android Quick App - Trimble Outdoors


Forget this app, and how much it costs to use every month. Try Cardo Trainer which is just as good, with a Great UI and FREE!!!!

I agree! I love Cardio Trainer and it works great. $9.99 is a bit steep for other apps that are free. I mean My track is a great program. I guess what it doesn't have is 'suggestion' of routes but then if you are too lazy to google that you are probably still sitting at home! LOL

Forget this app, and how much it costs to use every month. Try Cardo Trainer which is just as good, with a Great UI and FREE!!!!

Looks cool, but not $9.99 cool. Maybe, $4.44 cool, but certainly not $9.99 cool. So great potential to be cool, but with a high price like that, nobody's gonna discover this app to be cool. And that's not cool.

Terrible application and lame review. You neglect to mention the app REQUIRES REGISTRATION IN ORDER TO WORK. What exactly am I registering for and why does Trimble need to know my weight? Worse, on a Nexus One running 2.1, I can not even get through the registration process without the app force closing. I am really glad the Android app store has the 24 hour refund policy.

I second the bad review, after going to another sight and finding out that they have 3 applications and Each of the three applications cost a monthly charge and must be purchased and installed separately. I would not have waisted the time, had you told me that up front. I trust you AC, don't let me down again.

I think I'll stick with MyTracks - I don't need to pay to find new trails when MyTracks seems to do everything else.

With something like this it would be nice to have a money back guarantee after something like 7 days instead of 24 hours. That is the deal, right?

Hi, I work for Trimble. To Jared: thanks for the detailed review. To Mark Rinella: registration is required so you can upload your trips to TrimbleOutdoors.com for free access to a variety of web-based tools; entering weight is optional and needed for calories burned calculation. To hwy101: there are no monthly charges for Android applications (monthly charges are applicable to other editions sold through U.S. carriers). Any other questions and comments are welcome!

Andrei Link.