Nokia N8 with a touchwiz notification bar

If skyrocketing marketshare, multimillion-dollar ad revenue, and mind-boggling hardware specs aren't enough to keep Android on the tip of everyone's tongue, Photoshopping failures by advertising companies seem to crop up everywhere you look.  Case in point -- this ad from a Vodaphone store in Sydney.  There's either some misguided photo wizardry going on, or someone in the land down under has ported Android from a Galaxy S phone to the N8, with working mobile data, bluetooth, and Google's own applications up and running.  I'm going with the former.  Thanks, Ravrahn!


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Android ported to Nokia N8 -- not really [Photoshop fail]


False Advertising. Just trying to get people to the store. The thing is this is a hint for Nokia. Psst... Nokia just do what the picture says and watch your dominance return.

Why, you're welcome, Jerry!

As soon as I saw the sign, I took the photo and then I ran off to the N8 demo in a close store to check if it actually just coincidentally had a similar notifications bar. But the recently installed app kinda gave it away.
Actually you can kinda see me and my Legend in the reflection...

I doubt anyone who isn't phone-obsessed would notice, though. XD