HTC Legend

Looks like somebody has their hands in HTC's honey pot. Just yesterday we got a look at the HTC Invincible, and now here's the HTC Legend. Looks like it's running the same ol' Sense we've come to know and love, and it looks like the venerable trackball has given way to an optical trackpad, which would be a welcome change. One more shot after the break. [Engadget]

HTC Legend

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memyselfandi says:

ok now the big question is, what carrier please say sprint, we have not heard anything solid as far as android goes.

Aelther says:

Isn't the Supersonic going to Sprint? That thing sounds amazing.

Anonymous says:

Every time I hear Supersonic I think of the SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito at Sonic. Man that thing has everything. Eggs, sausage, jalapenos, bacon, etc. It's huge!
Sprint could use a few good phones you know. Just because we get this one doesn't mean we can't get another. Besides, When!?

lisa says:

The HTC Legend is set to land in March 2010 according to the slides, which puts it in for an appearance post the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona from 15th – 18th February.

Dawn says:

I thought yesterday we got a look at the HTC INCREDIBLE. Which is it, Invinsible or Incredible?

Anonymous says:

what happened to the real buttons instead of those things

amayes says:

not just that, they're also out of order.. what gives?

judasmachine says:

That is the same order as they are on the Eris.

amayes says:

probably t-mo, i think a roadmap doc leaked a long time ago said it was t-mo

Anonymous says:

If that lexus engine is the LA-F engine it would probably be faster then a regular engined ferrari ;)

Anonymous says:

whats with every good android going to t-mo their half network is like giving a ferrari a lexus engine all i can say is this better go to sprint

telos104 says:

not true in my neck of the woods...

Anonymous says:

Rumor is this is going to T-Mobile!

thebizz says:

Looks nice

come to AT&T

Come to AT&T please


gdubmedia says:

I do wish something like this would come to Sprint. We do need some more Android love. One phone this year (so far "announced") just won't cut it.

But the selection we do have is still top of the line, especially when the 2.1 update rolls out. :)

cjones says:

Ah yes, the mythical 2.1 Hero rollout. When oh when will it come?

Who knows?

marcch says:

The front looks good... but the back looks awful!

bloodycape77 says:

The button placement and design kind of make me thing I could be either a MT3G or Eris replacement.

Can Sprint get a 3.7"+ screen & Snapdragon a la Nexus/Android version of the HD2 (someone insert witty comment and the actual name of this phone)

rufflez says:

I like this better than the incredible in appearance (plus its running the familiar sense ui for me ;)
Definitely hoping something good lands on sprint this summer. I have a Hero now, but I'm going to re-evaluate my contract when I have a stable job once I graduate.

Anonymous says:

it's deffinatly going to at&t because it's htc's version of the nexus one and when at&t made the anouncement fro android the said dell( dell mini 3) motorola (moto backflip) and htc ( this one!!!)