Google streaming dongle now shipping internationally from

Update: It looks like Amazon is no longer processing Chromecast orders to shipping addresses outside the U.S. Existing order seem to be fine,  however.

Original story: Until now if you wanted to to get your hands on a Chromecast outside of the United States, you'd have to resort to an unofficial import through eBay, often with a significant markup. But today there's a more paletable option open to international buyers — is now taking orders for Chromecast from buyers outside the U.S. We've just been able to place an order to the UK, costing us around £22.59 plus shipping and import fees. Our friends at Ausdroid have confirmed that the deal is open to Australian buyers too, with prices starting at A$36.42 before tax and shipping.

For UK buyers, standard (8 to 14-day) shipping costs £5.79, while priority (two-day) shipping costs £21.28. In Australia it's A$11.02 and A$36.42 respectively. With standard shipping our UK order came to just over £34 — not at all bad for this type of product.

It's worth noting that while Chromecast may be shipping internationally from Amazon, the Chromecast app is still U.S.-only right now, meaning you'll need to track down the APK yourself once your dongle arrives.

More: Buy Chromecast from ($35, £22.59, A$38.64)

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Tim Box says:

I'm going to try my luck picking up a few when I visit the states for now.

Darth Spock says:

Great news :)

XT1060 via Android Central App


This. I'm glad, that more people have the chance to experience the Chromecast. I bought mine, a week ago, and I absolutely love it.

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MC_A_DOT says:

For that price I might as well get one right?


You should! At $35 (I'm in the US), it was a steal! It's perfect for playing Netflix, which I watch a lot, when I'm at home relaxing.

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Shagss1983 says:

Thanks for the tip Alex, I just ordered mine. Though besides YouTube and Google music, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it as netflix doesn't work in Australia.

Do the IP thing to change it to the States, I'm in the UK, it's how I get the US Netflix here :)

/Edit tl;dr won't work, Chromecast has hardcoded DNS, geoblocking isn't effective. Sorry :(

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ConTejas says:

When there's a will there's a way!!

doncoop says:

Just bought on an impulse.

Should be fun to see what I can do with it.

If not I'm sure it can be sold on.

Any useful sites / articles on what you can and should do with a chromecast gratefully appreciated!

Alex Dobie says:

Our Chromecast review is a good place to start!

tgrant1975 says:

Search for it on YouTube.

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vmlinuz says:

For what it's worth, I can order one for delivery to Hong Kong as well - so it's not just UK and Oz. It's showing me USD18.48 in S&H...

I haven't bothered buying one, because I've already got too many things to plug into my TV and not enough time to watch them!

browngeek says:

Shipping is quite high to HK, but I ordered two and a N7 32GB for good measure. All of that shipping added up to US$28.

JwK_ says:

I have had chromecasts since release and are using them in an unsupported european country. It works like a charm, only thing I'd like to warn about is that they are hardcoded with googles DNS servers, this basically means using any kind of service to circumnagigate geoblocking for netflix (i.e. using american netflix) will fail. Only way to fix this is to set up routing rules on your router, if you have a really advanced one.
Watching movies, playing music from google play etc works fine even in unsupported countries.

poxitee says:

In Indian store, the price is nearly double

rmbl says:

I was able to order it to Germany, about 40€ with shipping and import tax deposit.

bonblade says:

How? I'm trying too without success :-(

Travis Koger says:

You don't actually need the Chromecast Android app for this though as you can perform the setup and config the settings from the Chrome browser extension, that doesn't have any regional restrictions on it.

Deeco says:

Price to the UK is £34.06 inc Shipping.

saltyzip says:

For those outside the USA, make sure your router is using a WiFi channel between 1 and 11. The chromecast doesn't support channel 12, 13 or above.

gumpty says:

Damn. I live in a block of flats and am on channel 13 to avoid the huge congestion on 1-11. Meh, guess I'll have to change that then.

Also ... many thanks for the tip.

speculatrix says:

You do know that there are only really channels 1, 6 and 11?

Channel 13 will still suffer from interference from strong wifi signals on 8 and up.

It's a shame chromecast doesn't do 802.11a/n.


Switzerland works! This is unusual because amazon normally doesn't ship electronics to me.. NICE!

GarDeady says:

Just ordered mine to Ireland, €42. Happy days!

Was easy to find the APK file too. Ah technology… Got to love it!

brunoerre says:

Just placed my order to ship to Brazil. The price was the same for the US plus $40 of importation fees (for which I can be partially or totally refunded if the guys responsible for dealing with international packages in my country decide to charge me less or not charge me at all since Amazon is sending it as "gift").

SchmuFoo says:

Confirmation for Germany, received my Chromecast already :)

August 27, 2013
TOTAL $52.34"

Order succesfully placed for the Netherlands :D Let's await the delivery date by the end of this month...

tim440 says:

I live in Spain, but would like to use this to cast stuff like iPlayer to my tv. Would that work?
I can run the phone or computer through a VPN, but not the Chromecast itself - is that right? I understand that the Chromecast streams directly from the net and not from the phone or computer.
Has anyone had it doing similar in Europe?

I believe you can cast a tab from Chrome to the Chromecast and then run iPlayer from your computer.

tim440 says:

That's what I'm hoping, but not sure it'll work if the Chromecast doesn't stream from that browser, but directly from the net.

eyesparky says:

The tab browsing is a bet feature and not necessarily as smooth yet in operation as when the Chromecast streams from the net.

Aidan Byrne says:

If the Chromecast phone app in only available in the US then how will you be able to control it?

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Chrome browser extensions for desktop, and the apk's floating around XDA somewhere, Google it :)

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eyesparky says:

Sideload the apk.


You don't need the apk to control it. The apk is just an optional way to set it up. I used my laptop, because at the time, the Play Store was having problems.

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mikepahl318 says:

With no netflix, no hulu plus, and (often) no google music, what good is one of these in Europe?

gingerghost says:

Netflix and Google Music both work here in the UK (part of Europe).

GarDeady says:

Yep, and here in Ireland and several other European countries..

heathroi says:

And you can still can still cast stuff from your pc through the browser as long as its in mp4 format.....

mzanette says:

Hope this means they're almost ready to officially release the SDK and have a slew of apps come out for this thing.

paulmike3 says:

Seriously, this. It's almost laughable that they've only added "official" support for 1 additional app since release. They should have waited to release it until they had more partners ready.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Chromecast - I just wish they would have released a more polished product at launch.

On2Vegas says:

I'm hoping the same. There's been a lot of activity lately with this product. I wonder if at the end of the month they'll add some Chromecast news to the Nexus launch.

eyesparky says:

This is Amazon doing this due to having enough stock and seeing that there is a huge demand. Amazon are happy to take people's money when they can. Google will make their decision to expand availability and release the SDK when they are ready to do so. The 2 are not necessarily connected.

y2whisper says:

Can now have it shipped to Canada as well.

You will have to sideload the apk for now.. Easy to find. If you don't have any Google services then there isn't much use for it other than YouTube. Which for $35 isn't the worst thing. Unless you have something else to do that with.

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scobb says:

This great with NetFlix, and Hulu (which now supports it).

My question is, will Amazon Prime ever support it? And, how do we encourage that.

I have tried through the chrome browser, but my laptop is whimpy and the results were pretty unflattering. Has anyone had good luck?

tramsay09 says:

There shipping to Canada too I just ordered one from

Posted via either from my Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 or Chromebook

I was able to order from and ship it to India for US$35 + US$10 shipping + US$8 (Import duty deposit). I'd say cheaper than anything on eBay.

They are sending it to Mexico Also

joramteusink says:

Confirmed. Just ordered one right to The Netherlands.

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Aidan Byrne says:

But since the Chromecast app isn't available outside the US, how do you control what you look at?

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joramteusink says:

Google on XDA ;)

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focasam says:

It looks like it's shipping to Brazil as well. I went further to choose the shipping method and get nothing that would stop me to complete the acquisition.

I didn't buy tought because I just bought unofficialy from ebay. It cost $20 more.


Wont it come with a US power cord though? What use is that in the UK!! I dont have any USB ports on my tv to power it.

eyesparky says:

Yes it will. I for one have a pile of micro USB chargers ready to meet the need but if you don't have a spare they are pretty easy to get hold of for very little money.

gonsa says:

For Portugal the end price is €48.42

HubyD says:

Not shipping to Belgium :( Also, on the German Amazon it's €79.99 :o

Plastix says:

You need to try from the .com website

Plastix says:

Won't allow a UK address for me. Is there a trick to it, or have that realised their error and stopped this from working?

flibblesan says:

They seem to be opening a window every now and then for other countries to purchase the ChromeCast. This is the second time that they have done it to my knowledge.

Sadly it is no longer possible to order to the UK but it might happen again in the future. Just keep checking.

This doesn't appear to work with a UK address any more:

"Important Message
Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player cannot be shipped to the selected address."

sierratango says:

Stopped shipping to Canada.

jonwgc says:

Now available on, but at a whopping GBP60.00

supervan says:

That's a third party that was available before yesterday. When this comes to the UK the price will probably be the same price I paid yesterday when I placed my order on the US site. It was £34.
Tried to place another order today, and it's no longer possible.

bill1182 says:

I got an email from Amazon stating that the international orders taken by Amazon US was an error and they have stopped it now. They will still honour the orders but have given a caution that the product is not covered under warranty. Following is the email text.

Amazon UK is selling ChromeCast for £59. Is it a blunder what Amazon made or a money making business to earn more extra funds before Google launches the product officially in UK market?


We're writing about #XXXXXXXXXXXXX for Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player. We recently learned of an error that allowed this item to be available to ship to international addresses. Unfortunately, this item is not currently intended for use outside of the United States. Outside of the United States, all of the functionality of this item may not be available and the manufacturer's warranty is void. We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

You don't need to take any action if you still want to receive the item. If your order hasn’t shipped yet, you can cancel it by going to Your Account and clicking the "Your Orders" button:

If your order has shipped and you would like to return the item, you'll find return instructions at the link below. We'll refund you in full, including the return shipping costs.

We hope to see you again soon.

Customer Service Department

Please note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

I got my order in to Spain and yes got the email from amazon telling me it will void warranty and may not work -which I am ignoring.

My fear is the hobbled 720p playback instead of 1080 may make it sub optimal for tab casting.

Can anyone who has one comment on that?

Just received my Chromecast from to a UK address. Looking forward to setting it up tonight :)

Lee Smyth says:

Hi, did you get it up and running OK? Received mine but I'm having trouble with it.

Cannot get mine to stay connected, keep disconnecting. Reset it tonight and tried a fresh setup and stuck at Connecting to network 'XXXXXX'

I'm using a BT Home HUB 4

Anyone else got one working with BT HH?

I'm using a BT HH 4 too, it works from Chrome browser on my PC, but I can't get the Android app to work. It will connect (sometimes), but then I try to cast from e.g. YouTube and it just sits there with the title of the video and a black screen. After a while it times out.

The video quality from YouTube in the Chrome browser is pretty good, however you can't use the "Cast" button from the YouTube video, you have to use the Chrome browser plugin button to cast the entire tab, and then enable full screen. Clunky doesn't cover it.

Google has yet again released a beta version of a product. It's their style, but it ain't half frustrating for us beta testers!

redndead says:

The app is now available on both the iphone and UK android stores

Got mine from the states but it seems unable to connect via BT homehub. Rang BT (ha, I know) and they basically said because it hasnt yet been officially released in the UK, they have no support for it and no patches to make it work with Home Hubs at all

Guessing that the release of the cheap NOW box has panicked Google into pulling half a finger out - just time to get the rest out and sorted