Chromecast wasn't supposed to be available internationally — but if you've placed an order you can still get your device

A couple of days back we reported that was shipping Google's Chromecast streaming gadget outside the U.S., giving international buyers an easy way to get hold of the HDMI dongle. Within a day Amazon had closed the loophole, preventing any more international orders from being placed — but not before many customers had placed orders from outside the U.S.

Today the retailer has clarified the situation in an email to customers.

In its message, Amazon describes its selling of Chromecasts outside the U.S. as an "error." It continues, "outside of the United States, all of the functionality of this item may not be available and the manufacturer's warranty is void." This likely refers to the fact that the Chromecast app for Android isn't available through Google Play outside the U.S., meaning importers would have to find it through other sources.

"You don't need to take any action if you still want to receive the item," Amazon says, but it advises customers who want to cancel unshipped orders, or return shipped devices, to do so through their account page on

Bottom line: There's nothing to worry about. If you placed an international Chromecast order you'll still get your device. If you want to cancel or return it, you can do that too.


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Amazon clarifies 'error' selling Chromecast outside U.S., existing orders still shipping


So me thinks the technology must be approved in those countries, but the content contracts have not been worked out. Interesting...

Most likely. And this was the right call by Amazon, the average user doesn't want to mess with setting up VPNs, they want simple and idiot proof, which is what Chromecast is... In supported countries. Those who REALLY want one right now, will get one and won't mind the extra setup steps.

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Will apps outside the US support the Google Cast button?

Right now none of the supported apps displays the Google Cast button.

I'm asking this as I have ordered one from Amazon US store and I'm from the UK.

.. and this is quite easy. 1: set up a VPN to the US. 2: open the play store in an incognito tab. 3: Login and you should be able to find US-only apps and install them to your device this way.

The apps will only show the Cast button once they detect a Chromecast on the network. The only apps I have yet to test is the HBO GO and Hulu apps. Netflix works even with the local danish content to the Chromecat.

Here in Switzerland, it'll play content bought on Google Play but it doesn't work with Netflix and the other services.

Yeah it works, the cast button on the apps will only show up if you have a Chromecast on your network. Even if you turn off your Chromecast, the apps won't show the cast button, only comes up when the app detects it.

Besides I cannot download chromecast from play, I can still use my chromecast just fine in my country. No limitation at all. The only restriction is to download the app for android, but alternatively you can download the software for Windows to do the setup.

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Took nearly a month (out of stock) but I got mine a couple weeks ago in Canada. works fine with the app... google Chromecast.APK if you're looking for it (or go to XDA)

Now to find a hacked version to stream NAS content..........

"outside of the United States, all of the functionality of this item may not be available and the manufacturer's warranty is void." BS. The chromecast works very well here in Denmark. It will even play Play Movies if you buy them using a VPN.

It also works in the islands like Jamaica. I bought one for my uncle and set it up for him. Luckily I still had the Chromecast app installed on my Nexus so I was able to set it up in less than 2 mins. Its stupid but his Nexus couldn't get the app period. Once setup, my Uncles Nexus was working like a charm with it, YouTube, Google Music and Google video all work perfectly fine. It really is only the setup process that is the pain if you dont already have it. Cant comment on Netflix and Hulu since I didn't have an account to test.

Personally I'd consider it worth it just for the tab casting. But noooo, Google continues to not-give-a-#### about non-US countries.

It's a little more complicated that just that.

Google doesn't want to advertise that it will stream Netflix and Google Play content, then sell it in a foreign country where they don't have the licensing deals setup, only to have all those people discover that all they can do is cast a tab from a Chrome browser.

I understand your sentiment that it would be worth it to you, but the average buyer would be angry, and the backlash against Google could be very damaging. It is better in the long run to wait until the device will be fully functional to start selling it.

It'll play movies purchased on Google Play - it doesn't work with any of the other services (Netflix etc.) here in Switzerland, though.

You now what I don't get?... Why is this Chrome Cast so serious? Unless u want to pay for ur movies or listen to ur music on ur tv the only thing it's good for is YouTube!! Yes I do have one, I also have the Samsung media hub and it's way better because it actually mirrors ur phone meaning, everything u c on ur phone u will c on ur tv. I get its was only $35 but Damn it's really not worth it to me unless they update it to at least play the video files u already have on ur device. I only use it for YouTube and since I have the s4 with the Samsung media hub, it was a waist!!!!

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I feel where you are coming from but I think its more of a nice little extra convenience. Not everyone has Samsung phones, I for one have a Nexus 4. And does Samsung media hub play YouTube in full HD like Chromecast? I'm not sure of how Samsungs media hub works so forgive me ignorance. Also do you actually need a Samsung TV? Chromecast is for the people who don't have these things I believe and an inexpensive way. I feel like its great for the people who actually pay for things legitimately, unlike myself lol. I agree It would be 10 times better if we could "mirror" our own content but there's still a market for the people that don't download there own content and simply purchase them. I think in some cases its great for that also since nothing needs to be physically stored on your phone also, keeping your storage free for your actual phone crap. I do have one and use it for mostly music and YouTube. And whatever free stuff I've gotten from Google Video. But I can just as well do all these things on my Xbox 360. It just feels a lot more convenient than turning on my Xbox.

How can they void the warranty? I understand not supporting software. I would fight the warranty issue. Oh well.

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Luckily my Chromecast had already shipped before I got this email! Though knowing my luck the thing will be released in the UK before I get it.

Pretty simple, if you put in a claim, they'll say it's not covered by the warranty and not honor it.

Go Sox!

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Hi, has anyone in the UK received one of these 'errors' yet. If so, how was it delivered. I missed my delivery today and have no idea who tried, so I can't call.

Received mine via DHL. Installed, setup ok, downloaded an update. Connects to phone and Nexus 7, displays title of YouTube video on tv but won't actually play the video. Using apk 1.1.2. Same with Music and Google Movies

Mine was showing dhl global mail on the order, but not dhl delivery. Eventually found out it's being delivered by the clown outfit, Yodel. They tried twice. Going to PIC up tomorrow from depot. Hope it's not as bad as you imply? :(

I'm going to try it on another wireless network tonight. As I said my Android and iOS devices recognise it and connect to it OK but when you cast a song from Google Music, movie from Google Music or video from the Youtube app the app itself appears on the TV but nothing actually plays. Turning the volume up on the device displays the video volume bar on the TV, so all appears to be communicating OK. Youtube even displays the video title on the TV but fails to load the video. Eventually the mobile device recognises there is a problem and offers the ability to play the file on the mobile device instead. Tried various Chromecast APK versions but still no joy.

Erm, Got exactly same problem here.. Chrome web pages show fine. but no video.

Going to search through the forums now.. :(

Has anyone found a solution to this yet (youtube video title showing but no video). I bought 5 Chromecasts as gifts while in the US so very annoyed to have this problem

Just wait. Only answer I can give. The chromcast.apk was released worldwide today on google play, but still no chromecast for UK..

It will happen. In the meantime, sit on your casts and play candy crush. :(