A.I.type Floating Split Keyboard

Keyboard developer A.I.type hit us up this morning in search of a few testers for its upcoming "Floating Split Keyboard for Tablets." It's got all of the features you know and love from A.I.type Keyboard Plus, including its predition engine. It also has context-aware autocorrect, built-in skins and more customizations. 

The really sexy part is that doesn't take up a whole lot of screen space and can "float" anywhere on the screen. Move it, resize it, do whatever you want. It'll also support more than 30 languages -- all of which can take advantage of the split keyboard. And nine languages are supported by the prediction engine -- Hebrew, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Frensh, Turkish and English.

To sign up for the closed beta, just drop A.I.type a note here. Tell 'em Android Central sent ya.


Reader comments

A.I.type needs testers for its Floating Split Keyboard for tablets


I love A.I.type. I wish they would do a compact keyboard though. Like smart keyboard.

A.I.Type has better prediction in my opinion but I like the compact layout that smart keyboard offers.

Anybody get a reply? I emailed, nothing so far and this seems exactly what ive been looking for.