Aereo, the service that lets you watch terrestrial over-the-air TV on other devices via the internet, has announced that its Android app will support Chromecast streaming starting May 29th. The functionality will come with an update to its app, which is currently in beta on the Play Store.

While Aereo is already a pretty neat idea and a great value — if you happen to be in a market where it's available — at $8 per month, the addition of Chromecast streaming brings things to another level. With the price of a Chromecast being less than what you'd spend on a good HDTV antenna yourself, you'll now be able to stream live local programming direct to your TV and seamlessly move between the big screen and your phone or tablet.

When it launches, Aereo will join several other high-profile apps adding Chromecast support — the most recent of which being BT Sport, Flixster and Rhapsody.

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Aereo to support Chromecast starting May 29th

20 Comments could just get an antenna. The point of Aereo is to be able to get local channels on the go and when you are away from home. Sending the content to a Chromecast connected to a TV capable of receiving the same channels over the air is a bit ridiculous.

Except you don't have to buy an antenna or set one up and have the antenna/cable hanging about. Not to mention that you can seamlessly move between your phone, tablet and TV now once this is available.

I'm obviously not in the target market for this. I added an antenna to my home theater just so that I can use picture-in-picture functionality. I already have all of the broadcast channels on my FiOS fiber-optic service through my TiVo.

Is this what we've come to? Screwing in a coax cable is considered too much work?

Who said anything about how hard it is? And not everyone has FiOS fiber available to them, or Google Fiber for that matter. Also, some of us (me) don't even have cable, so no TiVo either. Between Aereo and Netflix, I get just about everything I want to watch, and my family as well.

For me its a little more then screwing in a coax cable. First I have to buy the antenna. Based on my location and the OTA providers, the antenna i need is in the area of $50-$75. Follow that up with having to mount said antenna to a pole so it can properly pick up the signal. Mix that with having to point the antenna to the proper direction, then running before mentioned coax. Connecting to my WiFi and Chromecasting seams a little easier, and i get DVR

So it is cheaper to pay Aereo $10 per month then to buy a $15 antenna? You lost me there on the price thing.

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Actually it's DVR service as well. I'm not just paying for the mobility of it, I'm also paying to watch them WHEN I want to watch them. This now means I can watch them on WHATEVER I want to watch them (tablet, phone, PC, or TV). And antenna is not only a pain in the ass (I've tried a few now and hated each one), it's one more box/device that sits there taking up space. So maybe ridiculous for you, but not for everyone.

Some of us live outside the broadcast service area (80 miles away) and need a service like Aereo. Thats the point.

I'm interested in it for the 'DVR' feature. I'm only getting basic channels from Comcast as it is, no HD, and we recently got access to the On Demand feature so we typically watch shows like Blacklist and Scandal the next day or two after they air anyway. DVR + HD for $8/month, plus a few extra local channels, would be a good incentive to cut Comcast.

There are some people in urban areas that live too far from their broadcasting channels or they have geographic/urban structures that block a good signal. Also, this would be good for something like a guest room that you don't want to wire up with a traditional service.

Winning? They are losing. That is why they keep appealing and ended up in the supreme court. And you know, they should lose. They are re-broadcasting without permission.

Aereo was a no-go for me. The signal would cut in and out every 15-20 seconds and would get very pixelated. It would also buffer a lot even when in standard def and on the 'auto' setting. I have a 15 meg connection and none of my other streaming services have this problem. I quickly gave up because it was truly embarrassing.

The release date for the Aereo update with Chromecast support got pushed back to today, June 4. I can't seem to find out any information online about whether the update is coming or not. Does Android Central have any information?