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IDC (International Data Corporation), a go-to source for worldwide smartphone market share information, has just released its report on Q3 2012 smartphone sales. Android shipments for the quarter broke over the 100 million mark for the first time, totalling 136 million. That accounts for an even 75-percent share of total smartphone shipments for the quarter, up substantially from 57.6-percent (71 million total) this time last year. Apple's iOS is trailing far behind with just 14.9-percent of shipments (26.9 million total), and the other mobile operating systems chopped up the remaining 10.1-percent.

To put that into perspective, the report notes that the number of Android phones shipped this quarter is larger than the total number of smartphones sold in all of 2007, the year Android was released. In terms of the sheer number of devices being shipped with Android onboard, these numbers are just staggering. As Android continues to grow and move into developing nations around the world, we'll see these numbers grow at an even greater rate.

Source: IDC (BusinessWire)


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IDC: 75-percent of phones shipped in Q3 ran Android


And yet everywhere I go everyone seems to have an iPhone.... Maybe people with iPhones just obnoxiously flaunt them more.... idk O_o

I mostly see Galaxy Notes on the bus. *shrugs*. Started a gig with a new team and its dominated by Android devices. Only 2 folks have iPhones.

Sorry but what an uneducated comment..

The United States is but 350 million people.. the WORLD is 7 BILLION, or 20x that. Every smartphone in the US could be an iPhone but if the people of say China & India like Android, it would make up more than 75% alone

Seeing iPhones in specific places and especially in the US has little to do with how many people buy Android smartphones and in particular around the World.
And it's the first report that outlines how well Android fares in Asia and in some European Countries.
A great parallel would the ratio of Macs versus windows PCs especially in specific market segments like US web developers.

A lot of iP owners were holding off buying new phones this third quarter awaiting the iP5. Just saying, I'm normally a Fandroid.

i agree with your point
iP3 & iP4 & iP5 owners are usually the same people.
their numbers are not growing very fast (compared to Android) but they are very loyal & dedicated

There's no doubting that iOS will get a bump in Q4. However,

1) 75% of the market for an entire quarter is a slaughter no matter how you slice it, and

2) I doubt the bump for iOS even has them approaching 30% for Q4 (from their current 15%)

AFAIK 75% is less than Samsung's share of Android profits the last time it was tabulated. Anyone else making money this time around?

Holding off for more than a month? They sold 5 million over the first weekend. I guess, but I doubt it.

Depends on the area. In New York, it's three iPhones to every Android I see. In Cleveland, it's the opposite. And I've only seen one iPhone 5 in the wild.

And yet less than 25% of all Android phones even run Ice Cream Sandwich, let alone jelly bean... Furthermore, so many of these phones are only Android in name, some have their own skins like Sense, Touchwiz etc.

Google needs to be more forceful with manufacturers and carriers.

Why should they? If native Android was what the public wanted then the Galaxy Nexus would have sold by the shed load! Consumers buy brands not OS's!

1/4 of 136 million is 34 million, which is still more than the number of iPhones sold in the same time frame, does anyone really care?

What the hell is native Android? :p i think you mean stock Android, because whatever Android you use it's still the same Android, just with few replaced apps

I think it was the first Android OS that was run out of town and given hepatitis by Apple back in the early times...

I might be nitpicking, but combined, ICS and JB make up about 28.5% now. On my own apps, I just saw GB tick below 50% this past week. That's huge. Froyo was sitting at around 3%. Side note: I support Froyo+.

I'm just waiting for the holidays when people start trading in their DroidX's (one of the dominant devices in my stats) from two years ago for one of the newer free phones (GNex?, Razr) when the deals hit. I fully expect numbers to change drastically from a pre-ICS era to something more even in January.

Yes, this was off-topic. Just some interesting things I've noticed, I guess.

assuming I did the math right, that means approximately one in every 55 people on the planet bought a new android device this quarter.

Go Google!!!

I think your F needs an F. The original calc is correct. 136 Million x 55 is 7.5 Billion; your calculation is for 1 million phone.

You get an F too. The 136 million figure is for all Android devices. The OP said "this quarter" which is nowhere near 136 million.

According to my calculations that's 1.5 million phones per day. As far as I remember it was one million per day at the last announcement. This is the biggest success story in recent history that I've come across. When I bought my first htc the rate of adoption was 70,000 per day and now it's 20 times more. Every time we see these new figures we think it can't keep growing at this pace, this must be the ceiling but it grows even faster. May the momentum keep increasing. Ps just heard that we have as many apps as the isheep

I always found it funny how Google would state an activation rate and the iFools would call foul even though it would match up with the numbers from other sources. Then Jobs would pull some number out of his butt and they'd all parrot it even though it never matched up with the independent figures. There'd be whole articles questioning how Google counts activations and flat out calling them liars. Never so much as a question about Apple.

Fact that there more Android phones shipped thats nothing suppricing, there more Android phones then iOS phones.... quastion is how manuof those sold :p

That's a mistake in thinking that a lot of people seem to make. This is not a game of chance. More entries does not equal a higher rate of success. People actively decide which device they want to buy and they choose a device running Android more often than one running iOS. They could pass all of these Android devices and pick the iOS device.

The question of how many sold is rather silly. These companies don't just blindly churn products off the line and let them stockpile to rattle off some big number for fanboys. That's money lost. You can pretty much rest assured these are sales.

If a particular model does not sell well the manufacturer is going to cut back the production to avoid further loss. Also the retailer/ carrier is simply not going to stock models that are not going to sell. So initially in the cycle the shipped may be more than sold. But the will eventually match.

The figure Google quotes is actually 'ACTIVATED' which is 1.3 million+ every day - many times more than iOS.

The explosion is mainly coming from developing countries and will explode further where feature phone users will get converted to smartphones. Similarly when Android tablets reach certain price points (not far from current Nexus 7) the adoption is going to explode.

Mainstream people with basic computing needs are better of with a simple and less expensive touch based tablet that difficult to maintain Windows desktops(viruses, corruptions etc.,). Android will be the default unless Windows RT does something spectacular. Think Nexus 10 will be an inflection point in the adoption curve.