HTC Puccini

We've been hearing plenty about the HTC Puccini for a while now but until now, it really hasn't been caught on camera in any glory shots like the one above. Specs? We still don't have em all as of yet but according to BGR we can expect dual-LED flash for the 8-megapixel camera, as well as stereo speakers and a microphone, all rounded out with a purported 1.5GHz processor and LTE radio on-board. Also, keeping in line with the HTC Flyer -- the HTC Puccini is noted to make use of stylus input presumably using HTC's Scribe technology. No release dates as of yet but one more pic can be found past the break. Who's in?

Source: BGR

HTC Puccini


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The 10-Inch HTC Puccini is looking good!


AT&T is gonna release an LTE 4G network later this year. I dont know if they are ditching their +HSPA 4G or what though.

They're not ditching it...HSPA+ will be what people fall back on when out of LTE area. Therefore giving the users a more consistent high speed access to their network.

Long been known that Puccini will be one of the first devices to run on AT&T's LTE network when it launches.

This looks pretty sweet. The main reason I'd want a tablet is to take notes at work and be able to organize them instead of having stacks of notepads/notebooks, and the HTC Scribe technology looks great, I just need it to be on a 10 inch screen.

Their "REAL" 4G network... only reason they call HSPA+ "4G" is because TMOB was doing the same thing... and they were the only ones not marketing a "4G" network... so they just played along...

Until now.

I'm seriously keen, I hope the graphics on the back are an option I can uncheck. Wifi only version by chance?

Please tell me they will offer this as a wifi only version. It's beautiful and looks to be a lot more promising then the HTC Flyer/View which seems to be a fail.

AT&T calls there mobile broadband service "4G LTE". It's no different from anybody else's. They took so long to come out with the service that the cool names like 4G or LTE were already taken so they tried to be cool and call it 4G LTE to make people think they get more.

It's actually rumored to have a dual-core 1.5 ghz qualcomm processor...he must have forgotten to mention that

looks nice but single core no thanks im looking at the acer 7in tab when it comes out sounds good and under 300

I'd get a WiFi version of this in a heart beat! No way in hell I'd go with AT&T ever again! This tablet linked to my Thunderbolt = awesomeness!!!

Why do you need an 8mp camera on a tablet? I don't really understand that. Why not just put a better processor instead?

If HTC is just planning to dump the same Notes software from the Flyer onto the Puccini, it's going to get its butt kicked by the notes software on the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet. Hopefully HTC is paying attention and is working on some software-side improvements to the pen input. Some better digitizer hardware wouldn't hurt, either.

Another device with the speakers firing AWAY FROM THE USER. It is damned annoying to try to watch a show or movie when the thing can't be heard because the speakers are pointed at everyone but me.

Yes somebody please explain this design decision that's become so popular lately. How in the world does it make sense? The XOOM has this flaw as well and I can tell you, go try it out, it's terribly annoying.

I'm getting a tablet for a friend and it's either this or the Lenovo Thinkpad tablet. The Lenovo's kinda winning right now, but I'll keep watching this.

Personally I rock the Tab 10.1. It's nice, but the gift tablet has to have digitizer support, and the Tab lacks that.

I wonder if they will offer the same killer features of being over priced and charging you extra for the pen that they had on the Flyer.

For those who want to know whether it is a dual-core tab. Yes.
3rd gen. 1.5 dual-core scorpion

As far as speakers, have you guys tried facing the speakers against a wall, or if you have a portfolio style case, the sound should reverberate and you should hear it just fine.

The Thinkpad wouldn't disappoint because it's Lenovo! But it's a generation behind as far as processor speeds, and I like the look of this more, the Thinkpad has too many keys on the side which would make holding it from one side difficult.

Edit: No flash on the camera for the ThinkPad.