Will Gingerbread be Android 2.3?

We've been talking about the next version of Android -- (still) unofficially dubbed Gingerbread -- as far back as a year ago -- months before Froyo was ever announced. But what we haven't really known was what version number it will be. Android 3.0 has been thrown around, as has Android 2.5.

Another version that's been mentioned -- and now has a little more weight to it -- is Android 2.3. The snippet above is from Google's "issues" repository -- basically a place for anyone to report a bug or request a feature. Issue 8804 refers to problems connecting to corporate Wifi after the Froyo update (specifically, "wpa_supplicant 0.6.10 (froyo) unable to auth in a wpa2/enterpise wifi"). A googler on Sept. 30 responded that a patch will be available in the next "major release" -- Android 2.3.

So there you go. Definitive proof? Not yet. But definitely a pretty strong sign. [Google] Thanks, Jesta!

Phil Nickinson