Don't fall for fake versions of Super Mario Run on Android

Super Mario Run is now available for iOS which has many iPhone users jumping for joy, but its absence on Android is leaving a lot of users out in the cold. With no official word on when Mario will be making his way to the Play Store, I know some of you are already looking for ways to obtain the game from less than legitimate sources, and I'm here to tell you — don't do it.

"I'll just download an APK file just like I did with Pokémon Go"

In today's world when we want something that isn't available, we often find ways to get it anyway. A popular way of getting Android apps that aren't available to you is by downloading an Android Application Package (APK) that someone has managed to rip off.

When Pokémon Go first launched, it was only accessible in a few countries, so naturally some smart folks got a hold of the APK file and put it out there into the world for Android users from all countries to download and install. So why won't this work for Super Mario Run?

Well, Super Mario Run for Android doesn't exist. When an app is geo-locked like Pokémon Go was at launch, the APK file is in the Google Play Store, but you can only access it from certain countries, meaning it's possible for people upload the file to the internet. Super Mario Run isn't officially in the Google Play Store, regardless of what country you're in, meaning the as far as we know the APK file does not exist.

You will probably be able to find websites or other places that are offering Super Mario Run APK files, but they will undoubtedly be fake because there is no way to ensure you aren't downloading malware to your Android device.

Again: Super Mario Run doesn't exist on Android. Don't be stupid and fall for fake versions.

"l can always use an iOS emulator"

It's not like Super Mario Run is the only game to be exclusive to the Apple App Store, and you can find iOS emulators floating around out there, but seldom do they work as advertised or worth the risk.

iOS emulators are APK files that you can only get from untrustworthy sources, you won't find legitimate ones, so the first risk is to download an unknown file from an unknown source and pray it works as expected. On top of that, then you would have to find a ripped copy of Super Mario Run and download that IPA (iOS app file), once again, from sources less than reputable. That's a lot of risk for something that may not even work.

What's the worst that can happen?

Malware isn't something you want hanging around any of your devices, especially one you carry with you everywhere. Downloading infected software can have a wide array of effects on the function of your device. Some cases you may only experience minor inconveniences such as the occasion crash or failure to launch certain applications. But some malware can cause much bigger problems like rendering your difference completely useless or stealing valuable data from your phone.

What's my best option?

Your best option is to wait until Nintendo officially releases it for Android. I know that waiting is hard, especially when no one even knows if or when Super Mario Run will be coming to Android, but for your safety and the sake of your phone waiting is the best option.

In the meantime, if you're that desperate, get an iPod Touch and use that to download Super Mario Run.

Luke Filipowicz
  • Never heard of it
  • Probably just as good though. Lots of news of people deleting after the three free levels. Just another Runner game
  • "rendering your difference complete useless" oops
  • I'm not going to fall for the real one either...
  • Lol
  • I have it on my iPhone's not that great. Doesn't work without an internet connection. Terrible as I fly a lot. Won't be getting my $10. It's hyped, just like Pokemon. Will die down within 2 months.
  • This is the 2nd highly hyped mobile release from Nintendo. It's a pretty good strategy if you ask me. Can they can keep up and keep churning out addicting games? This is my question.
  • Only Pokémon was not released by Nintendo
  • Sure helped their stock though
  • actually it didnt... if you payed attention u would know that there stock shot up and went straight back down....
  • It shot up because people thought it was made by Nintendo
  • "I know waiting is hard".... Actually, I find waiting to be quite simple. You have to do NOTHING AT ALL. I never would have thought a warning like this was necessary, but now that I think about it, it probably is.
  • I think he may be referencing the people who start jonesing for their OS update fixes. Or, people like those who lost their Note 7s and wish Samsung would release the S8 like yesterday. 'Cause that's a great idea, rush a device with hopes that there aren't any issues with it.
  • Damn it Luke!!! I want what I'm not allowed to have yet right now!!!!
  • People always do. LOL.
  • Why you shouldnt try download super mario run for android: because it's Mario Run, not SMB. Gimme an original SMB exclusive for mobile devices and I'd kill a newborn baby to play that **** ASAP
  • It's far closer to SMB than any sort of endless runner. Different levels. But same feel.
  • I agree. I have it on my iPhone 7 and I actually love it! It feels like a like Mario game with mobile twist. It's far more interesting than typical endless runner games, and I am having a heck of a time trying to get all the pink, purple, and black coins in each level. I'm Canadian so the full game cost $13.99 here, and I personally believe it's worth it. I have paid $80 for PS4 games that I find less interesting. LOL. The constant internet connection is disappointing, I could have done without that, but overall I'm pretty impressed.
  • Who would anyone download the garbage anyway, eve if it was official. Go look on the iPhone app store. It's garbage. I don't know why anyone thought Nintendo would shoot themselves in the foot by putting a quality game on Android or iOS when they could just put it on their own platform.
  • Here we go. Soon a thousand articles on Mario Run.
    Just kidding.....I love Mario Bros
  • Who cares about Super Mario Run not being on Android? We have loads of better games on the Play Store and Nintendo have kind of been force to go mobile as they're getting their ass kicked and rightfully so by Sony and Microsoft (through gritted teeth) when they're not doing anything beyond Mario and Zelda.
  • I also hate Mario, and of the same opinion. But my son who is twenty loves it. I hear you but just because you and I hate it doesn't mean that other people go nuts for this crap, one mans poison is another mans food......
  • Never liked Mario to be honest.
  • Yeah another runner game. I still prefer the classic Mario game than this one=)
  • I'm with you there, although I did enjoy Super Mario Run quite a bit. Whether it is worth the $$$, that's another story.
  • "Your best option is to wait until Nintendo officially releases it for Android..." Until when? September, when the game has lost absolutely ALL relevance? Because it's known Apple paid Nintendo good money to keep the game an iOS exclusive for quite some time. S--- like this is why I still want to have an iPhone over an Android phone, it's insulting that I and EVERYONE who has an Android are treated as a second class citizen to developers...
  • We're only treated this way because Apple bribed Nintendo to keep Super Mario Run iOS exclusive, but who cares? Mario is overrated these days along with the iPhone/iOS platform, in Android we have the better platform and OS And there's more of us users than the dumb iSheep anyway. Android isn't the world's most popular and greatest platform for nothing.
  • Not saying you're wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if part of Nintendo's reasoning for not releasing on Android yet is because Android users as a whole aren't as willing to pay for content, so they prioritized an iOS release. Hopefully that changes someday. I just unlocked the full game on my iPhone and iPad and I think it's well worth it. Developer priority is a main reason I'm not using Android anymore.
  • You're missing out. You'll get tired of that Apple prison and soon be back to Android, the worlds most used and advanced platform. We Android users are smart no to pay for an overrated watered down simple Mario game which doesn't belong on an advanced platform as Android. Mario can stay on iOS along with the simpletons that used the inferior Apple OS.
  • Sounds like the rare phones being sold with rare copy of flappy bird installed...Lame
  • I tried the app on an iphone4s I am using as an ipod... "meh" is really all I had to say after one level. I prefer playing real Super Mario Platformers on my Wii U.
  • Overheard two girls (who probably grew up with Gameboys and Mario) talking about that they were looking forward to the game with iPhones in hand. So this was their first time playing Super Mario Run. I quickly heard the disappointment (within 30 seconds or so). So the game must be really bad; if what sounded like casual gamers can't stand it, then who can? One thing is for very critical 'hardcore' gamers to scoff at the game but casuals? Then you've failed. Apparently, you didn't really have to do much and it did most of the action for you. I also heard how they hoped it would be a game played in landscape mode with virtual A, B buttons and directional arrows. But Nintendo would never do that as they're holding an iron grip on their own ecosystem. So what's the hype about? It's another game based on a Nintendo franchise that has been stripped and dumbed down to avoid it infringing on their core business that ends up making the game so crippled that they may as well not have released it. Why keep disappointing your customers? It's not like a terrible impression makes you want to invest further in their products.
  • I don't need another stupid endless running game
  • Good thing it's not pre-loaded on your phone.
  • It's not an endless runner, so there's that.
  • Everyone is correct. ...Now, back to Tetris.
  • I was excited for it, tried it on my iPad, played for about five minutes. Got bored. It does not compare to the fun and excitement that surrounded Pokemon Go. Mario Run will be a flop I suspect.
  • Mario run is junk. Install an emulator and play real mario games.
  • Cool to see the Mario series come to the mobile world.
  • Can't wait for it to hit Android!
  • It's entertaining but I wouldn't lose sleep over the game. It's not worth the$10 they try to charge you after 3 levels.
  • I've read that to on this article
  • I saw it on Amazon app even that one is a fake one??? "Super Run"