Whitestone Dome Glass seamlessly protects your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Whitestone Ultra
Whitestone Ultra (Image credit: Whitestone Dome Glass)

Whitestone Dome Glass has launched their patented screen protector alongside availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. By pairing a liquid optically clear adhesive with an ultraviolet light curing system, their tempered glass screen protectors aim to get as snugly installed as possible - including over curved edges.

Besides reducing the bubbling you'd normally see in traditional screen protectors, Whitestone places a priority on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Some screen protectors interfere with responsiveness, but Whitestone has worked with Qualcomm and Samsung to ensure interoperability. Good luck finding another glass screen protector that can claim the same.

Thanks to the careful design of the tempered glass and adhesive, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra owners can enjoy a clear view of the display, and blue light filtration without color distortion.

Perhaps best of all, Whitestone stands by their products. If your Dome Glass screen protector is wearing out from normal day-to-day usage, or your installation attempts fail, you may be eligible for a replacement, needing only to pay for shipping. This kind of warranty adds plenty of peace of mind for a device that will certainly go through the ringer.

All of that said, when you pick up your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you'll want to protect its expansive display from damage. Make sure you do your homework, find the best of the best, and make the investment that ensures the long and healthy life of your device. In addition to supporting the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, their cameras, Whitestone has screen protectors for the Galaxy Note 20, most of Samsung's lineup, and just about every other modern Android device.

AC Staff