HTC RE camera

The HTC RE camera is one of those niche devices that tends to be a hell of a lot of fun for those who have one. As a reminder, it's a self-contained 16-megapixel camera in a waterproof body that's shaped like a periscope. It's easy to hold, easy to shoot with — still images, video, slow motion and time lapse — and it connects to your Android or iOS phone. (You also can use a microSD card if that makes things easier, or just plug it straight into a computer to transfer images.)

The thing is, it's a bit expensive, at least at retail. The RE still officially sells for $199. But retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy often have it for cheaper (we'd start with them, actually), and it's not uncommon to see HTC itself offer discounts of up to 50 percent. And at $100, the HTC RE camera is a much more attractive device.

So. Here are some handy links if you're looking to get yourself an HTC RE camera.

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