The HTC U11 has been out in the wild for over a month now, and that means plenty of you have the phone or have at least looked into the details and features if you're in the market for something new. Reviews of the U11 are generally positive, and it's a common refrain that this is HTC's best overall flagship in years.


With that stunning glass back, top-end specs leading to great performance, a really good screen and a camera that can take industry-leading photos, there's a whole lot to like here for $650 unlocked — or often less with one of the many discount codes floating around.

The U11 is good — but no phone is perfect.

But no phone is perfect, no matter how much money you spend or what company you're buying from. Something could always be changed to better fit your vision for a smartphone. The U11 could definitely be a bit sleeker and the front bezels could certainly be cut down. We'd love to see a headphone jack here and many people have argued the U11 should have a larger battery inside considering its thickness.

So whether you have a U11 already or are still considering one, what would you change about HTC's latest flagship? Big or small, no change is unwarranted here — we want to hear from you. Let's get the discussion going in the comments!



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