What would it take for you to leave Android for iOS?

iPhone 11 Pro and Google Pixel 4 XL
iPhone 11 Pro and Google Pixel 4 XL (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

As an Android user, there's bound to come a time when you consider leaving the platform for iOS. That's not to take anything away from Android — it's a simple fact of the grass always being greener on the other side.

We've talked about this topic before, but with it sprouting up once again in the AC forums, we wanted to ask a slightly different question — what would it take for you to leave Android for an iPhone?

Maybe it's iOS's better app support. Perhaps you want a phone that's guaranteed to get years of updates. Waiting to see what Apple offers with the iPhone 12? Here's what some of our AC forum members had to say.

I have both. Love each. Each has its own quarks. Recently switched from Google Photos to Amazon. With a Mac you can export files and photos between platforms, import from Galaxy and iPhone for all your stuff. Take your secco from the S10 and use an adapter on the Mac or, you can now use external storage with usbc to lightning on the iPhone.

Gayle Lynn

you will eventually get bored with the iPhone lol, one thing though that helped me stay a little longer with ios was DARK MODE...finally atleast have an option besides the boring gray monotone color....messages pop out at you when reading imessage….speaking of which, imessage is the best messaging app imo...especially if you have a bunch of contacts who have iphones ...it just works perfectly. ...


I agree with everything you said 100% :). I realized I haven't changed my launcher (Nova Prime) settings or layout in 3 years, and I think I've been using the same icon pack that long as well. I turned 50 in August and care less and less about screwing around with those settings. Getting old and set in my ways I guess. The ringtone thing was the most frustrating thing by far. I was this --><--...


I can understand what you are saying. My brother has an iPhone and absolutely loves it-I do not think he will ever go back to Android. It just works and does what he needs it to, especially for his job. My in-laws and almost all of my husband's extended family has iPhones (minus two people, and him and I make four). Sometimes, you really do need that continuity with group chats and iMessage....


What about you? What would it take for you to leave Android for iOS?

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  • Completely symmetrical screen aka NO NOTCH BS and microSD card OR cheaper like REALLY cheaper memory bump prices. Sidenote: launching a new phone in 2019 with base storage of 64GB for one thousand dollars IS DISGUSTING.
  • 1. Ability to sideload files.
    - I have a large collection of audio books I have converted from CD to digital and need to be able to load o to phone
    2. An actual app drawer. I hate how apple UI is one giant app drawer.
    3. Back button. I like to have a universal back button for my apps. I find using my wife iPhone unintuitive die to this.
    4. SDSlot. The $100 premium for every memory increase is ridiculous. I'm fine paying a premium for a device but not for a cheap minor upgrade like memory when adding an SD slot would cost them pennies.
  • Regarding #1, you can sideload, but it works a little differently than simply connecting a cable to the computer. The apps Bound and mp3 Audiobook Player both allow you to use a wifi connection where you "send" the books to the iphone. I just switched to iphone a couple weeks ago, and that was an absolute requirement for me since I go through 2 books a week. Hope that helps, at least with that point. I can't help with the other points.
  • I have zero interest in iOS. So I don't see me switching. The lack of options is a non starter.
  • I have an iphone7plus sitting in a drawer keeping it warm. There's no way I'm going back to IOS & SIRI, especially SIRI, repeato repeat. Besides Android is so much more customize able. I just never enjoyed IOS?
  • I'm sorry, has hell frozen over and I missed it?
  • My job phone is an iPhone and I dislike it and iOS immensely. I would never switch.
  • The Pixel 4 is what made me move to iOS. I have had an Android phone since 2009 and every generation of the Pixels, including the 3a. The continued abysmal battery size of the Pixel series combined with a face unlock that wasn't supported by almost every app is what pushed me away. I hate that I like the iPhone 11 as much as I do, but it is working out well for me. The battery life alone is a major plus as I barely get below 60% by the end of the day. I let my Pixel 3a XL sit connected to wifi and it lost 10% over five hours just sitting on my desk. Storage size is not an issue for me, I bought a 64gb iphone and use Google Photos so I don't even come close to hitting the limit.
  • I will add that there are things I miss from Android. - Being able to set a different notification sound for every app
    - Google Maps is better on Android
    - Android is much easier to make it feel like 'your' phone
    - Don't even get me started on itunes. Why is that still around and necessary for some account functions?
  • I'm in the same boat. My OG pixel was done with updates, and I need a new phone. The pixel 4 basically pushed me to look into the iphone, which I eventually got. I'm not used to having battery life at the end of the day unless I charged it at least once. The battery usage is a nice change.
  • Absolutely nothing would make me move to iOS. It's like moving from the freedom of America to total government controlled China.
  • Ha ha. you think you have freedom. That's cute.
  • If someone gave me $1,000,000
  • Pixel 4 and 4XL....
  • Helheim would have to thaw out.
  • - Improved notifications
    - Change default apps including Siri for Google
    - Universal back gesture
    - Slightly cheaper with 128 GB option
  • I have both myself. (IPhone 8 for work, Pixel 3a for personal). I will say that using an iphone daily has changed my opinion on it. I understand why people keeps these phones for years. They are simple and effective at what they do. The pixel shares similar qualities. Android gives me flexibility when it comes to apps and the OS. Plus I like the features that Google offers. That is why the iPhone could never be my primary phone. It is too locked down and generic for me.
  • My kids! I was android for the longest time, had 20+ android devices, several a year. Bought an iPhone to go with my android starting with the iPhone 6+. My last android was the pixel xl and have been only iPhone for a few years. The main reason was my kids getting iPhones. (they would not even consider android) iMessage was so easy compared with iPhone, mainly sending and receiving photos and videos. Other things I noticed consistently was better battery life and more consistent gps using google maps. (the battery life on my 11 pro max is the best I have seen in a mobile device) Yes, it is not as customizable but in the end simplicity and iMessage won me over. I hadn't unlocked my bootloader and flashed anything in years. I am on t mobile and will look to get a OnePlus 5G Mclaren from swappa to check out the 5G network. I have an extra phone number I can use it on. I live in DFW so the network should be pretty nice, Have fun in your choices!
  • I'm glad my kids are not blind followers..
  • I'd switch if there were no other OSs available. I really dislike iOS. Android would have to go away for me to switch.
  • Switch from Android to iOS? This is satire, correct?
  • It's hard for me to find any phone with what I really want. Expandable memory, no freaking notch, and a headphone jack that will work with Verizon. *I really would love the aspect ratio to go back the way it was because I hate these long-ass phones!!
  • Explain to me the need for the headphone jack.
  • I need the headphone jack. Mobile BT earbuds/headphones do not have enough battery life. It is a pain in the rear to have to always check if your ear buds will last a phone conversation. There is no real reason to not have the jack. Other than Apple trying to sell adaptors and BT accessories
  • For me it's watching videos. Video and sound do not match. YouTube is especially bad. I use bt for everything I can and prefer it, never have any issues with battery life. But the sound syncing issues are the reason I like the jack
  • I long for BB10. I so much miss that OS.
  • I don't see myself ever changing. I have a Pixel 4XL...plan to keep it for at least 3 years...and probably buy a 7XL...lol
  • I would switch back to Windows phone before I would to iOS
  • - sideload apps.
    - full Tasker abilities, nothing less than what Tasker can currently do
    - ability to use different launchers
    - app drawer. no, folders are not enough.
    - deconstruction of the walled garden.
    - an actual interest to move away from Android and into something I left for Android.
    - pigs flying of their own propulsion.
    - cold snap if not full on nuclear winter in hell.
  • Pretty much since I just moved to Android + Windows Mobile combo from iOS and Windows Mobile combo. And I am loving it so far. I will consider iOS again once Apple of the 2010s stops being the new Microsoft of the 1990s.
  • Nice. That's exactly how it is too. Apple of this decade is microsoft of the last decade! Good analogy!
  • Had iOS once, as a temp phone after I broke a ZTE, will never go back. For multiple reasons. Android, or Android blackberry here.
  • Hell would have to freeze over or ditch iTunes... I dunno which would be on that #1 reason. But they're both pretty even.