Updates for carrier-branded phones not expected by the end of September as hoped

This probably shouldn't surprise anyone, but if you've got a carrier-branded version of the HTC One here in the good ol' U.S. of A., you can quit mashing that "Check for updates" button. While the unbranded (and European) versions of the M7 have been or are in the midst of being updated, as is the developer edition, the others look to miss HTC's self-imposed Sept. 30 deadline, according to HTC Exec Jason MacKenzie.

The word about a month and a half ago was that they were "working hard" to get Android 4.3 and an updated Sense released to everyone by the end of September

Now, MacKenzie says, we'll have to wait a little longer.

Missing a deadline — hard or soft — isn't ideal, of course, especially when it comes to software updates. On the other hand, that's why you don't give hard deadlines unless you know you can make them.

Regardless, we've got a feeling updates are on their way. Just don't ask us to tell you when.