Tumblr for Android gets overhauled with a new UI, better photo browsing and more

Use Tumblr for your blogging services? If so, you'll want to fire up the Google Play Store and grab the latest update available. This release brings a whole new UI to the app as well many other improvements that have sorely been needed:

  • More responsive, faster-loading dashboard and blogs
  • Better photo browsing
  • Notifications for multiple blogs live in one place
  • Tumblr Radar

Sadly, Tumblr left tablet optimization out of the mix so you'll still have to find other ways to make use of it on any of those devices -- we're sure you all will figure it out though. Either way, it's a worthy update. You can jump past the break for some more screenshots and the download link.

  • I don't like this update, the UI looks something from Facebook. But yet again, I rarely use the app.
  • I agree, Too many applications will lead to system slowdowns and traffic surge
  • Gifs in quotes no longer display properly on Galaxy S2
  • I think the new interface is slower and yes its uglier. No tablet support is idiotic.
  • For me, the app itself not showing up in the Google Play. Seems like they have removed the app for India. But I installed the original app from Google Play only.
  • The app is definitely slower and the new permissions are a joke. I wish sites like this would highlight it when apps ask for permissions they don't need or fail to explain. I'm still waiting for an explanation to Foursquare's "change WiFi" and Fruit Ninja's "read phone state and identity". Sites like this are our biggest hope in combating the problem. Please fight the corner of the average user.