Titanfall: Frontline condenses frenetic FPS action into an Android card game

Fans of Titanfall will soon get the opportunity to command their own brigade of powerful Titans, as the critically-acclaimed first-person shooter franchise leaps onto Android devices later this fall. Titanfall: Frontline will be the first in a series of strategy card games set in a extended Titanfall universe, as part of a multi-year collaborative deal between developers at Nexon, Particle City and Respawn Entertainment.

The game will be available for free from the Google Play Store. Fans are encouraged to head to the official Titanfall: Frontline website to pre-register ahead of the global launch, which should coincide with the release of Titanfall 2 for Xbox One in late October. Pre-registered players will also receive some in-game rewards to help them when starting out.

Titanfall: Frontline features hundreds of Pilots, Titans, and special ability Burn Cards, which Commanders will collect and upgrade to build out their battle deck to match their preferred style of play. For example, one might choose to build their deck around fast, light Titans and Pilots for a quick strike strategy, or opt for a more defensive deck stacked with stronger units supported by installations to wear their opponent down.

Bottling the frantic gameplay and scale of a massive console game such as Titanfall into a strategic card game for mobile devices is no small task. The developers say they've done their best to encapsulate the full Titanfall experience onto this new platform.

"We've worked hand-in-hand with Respawn to weave in card battle strategy and collectibility with the iconic gameplay elements that make Titanfall so unique and that will help evolve the genre," said Larry Pacey, co-founder of Particle City, in a press release.

"From dropping a Titan onto the field of play to turn the tide of battle to using a combination of Parkour and Rodeo Burn Cards to take a Titan down, Titanfall: Frontline is unapologetically intense and utterly Titanfall."

For more information, check out the official game website — where you can also pre-register and score some in-game rewards as you start your campaign — and like and follow Titanfall: Frontline on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.

Marc Lagace

Marc Lagace was an Apps and Games Editor at Android Central between 2016 and 2020. You can reach out to him on Twitter [@spacelagace.

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