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Third-party Steam applications disappearing from the Android Market

The official Steam for Android application hasn't been with us all that long, but an air of controversy already surrounds its arrival. Almost all of the third-party Steam applications have disappeared from the Android Market. 

If Valve happens to be involved in some way, the odd part is that the Steam API is publicly available for use. Seems a tad suspicious though. 

If you're using a third-party Steam application and you like it, it's probably not a good idea to uninstall it anytime soon. (Or at the very least pull it from your system for a backup.) No word yet on whether or not any of these applications will re-appear elsewhere, so for the time being it looks like the official app is all we got. 

Source: Droid Gamers

  • The 3rd party Steam apps never really worked all that well to begin with.
  • Indeed, those wannabe Steam apps were uber crap and they will have quick death now that official app is out.
  • The same thing happened to Pokedex apps and the same thing is going on right now to Magic, the Gathering apps right now. Like I said in an e-mail to the developer of the MtG app that I use, it is amazing how much stuff companies will let posted online until they decide to venture into that area themselves.
  • As I posted on DG, they have to defend their trademarks, so if they see an app called "Steam" which I believe some of the unofficial apps were called, they will have them pulled down, as it might lead consumers to believe they're official apps. I'm sure a name change is all that would be needed. Notice how the app that survived says "for Steam" which is why I believe it's still up. Twitter, Digg, and many others did the same thing. Ask any trademark lawyer why these actions are needed sometimes.