Take it from a Note 8 user: Temper your iPhone X Face ID expectations

Alongside the predictably named and designed iPhone 8, Apple just announced the all-new iPhone X (pronounced "ten" by the way). With its very familiar "lots of screen and tiny bezels" design, the iPhone X ditched one of the most recognizable parts of an iPhone: its home button. And in doing so, it lost Touch ID — one of the key features of the iPhone and a real driver for the rest of the industry to get up to speed with fantastic, fast one-touch fingerprint sensors.

It's replaced with what Apple calls "Face ID" instead. A complex set of purpose-built hardware and software that identifies hundreds of tiny details of your face in order to securely unlock your phone when you're looking at it. It sounds wonderful. It even works in demos (well, mostly). But take it from me, as a Galaxy Note 8 user living with iris and face recognition every day: temper your expectations.

Galaxy S8 iris scanning

Apple, of course, isn't the first to do away with a front-mounted fingerprint sensor in favor of other authentication methods. Many companies have done face and iris unlocking. Google unveiled a rudimentary face unlock as far back as Android 4.0. Samsung has popularized it with the Note 7, Galaxy S8 and now Note 8. While it works pretty well, months and months of people using these phones with these alternate authentication methods has given us lots of information on how it works in the real world. Here's a glimpse into the daily life of using Samsung phones:

"Look here to use irises"

"Hold phone closer"

"Phone too close to face"

"Hold farther away"

"Irises not recognized"

And in the end, I wiggle my finger up to the fingerprint sensor on the back or just swipe on the screen and use my pattern instead.

Switching to Face Recognition, which can't operate at the same time as Iris Scanning, improves unlocking performance but is, by admission, not as secure. (Apple claims its Face ID can't be fooled by a photo — we'll see about that.) And in the end, it still isn't as fast as using a one-touch fingerprint sensor — even the awkwardly placed ones on the back of modern Samsung phones.

iPhone X Face ID

Now Face ID, as demoed today at the Apple launch event, seems to go one important step beyond Samsung's implementation. The designated phone hardware isn't looking at just your face or just your irises, but instead the entire profile of your face and eyes for authentication. That means the iPhone X can identify your "face" even if you change your hair, put on glasses, grow a beard, wear a hat or just stand in different lighting. Theoretically.

Face ID may very well be better than Samsung's iris scanning — but it isn't a fingerprint sensor.

But Face ID, as shown, no matter how good its scanning capabilities are, still can't match fingerprint sensors in many situations we're in every single day. With a properly-placed fingerprint sensor you can unlock your phone as you take it out of your pocket before it's anywhere near your face, or with it sitting on a table, or in the dark, or in harsh sunlight ... or while you're wearing sunglasses. The only thing that can foil a fingerprint sensor, really, is a glove on your hand.

And that's why I want you to temper your expectations for what Face ID can actually accomplish when it comes to the daily goal of simply unlocking your phone when you want to use it. I'm sure it's quite secure, and Apple definitely isn't going to sell the scans of your face to some advertising company. Based on what's inside the iPhone X's little screen cutout, and what Apple is saying about the technology, it very well may be better than what the Galaxy Note 8's iris scanning can do — I'd actually be surprised if it wasn't notably better.

But simply improving facial recognition isn't what's required to be a better authentication solution than a fingerprint sensor. The system, no matter how good it is, is going to have a tough time overcoming inherent constraints with facial recognition. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is something we already had: a fingerprint sensor.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

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    A close friend of mine actually owns a company that makes that... I'll have to hit her up for some more now!
  • Savage
  • One of the greatest comments ever.
  • It comes down to this: if the guys and gals at the Pentagon start using iPhone X as their daily driver and work tool, you know that this is really secure technology. If not, it will be a passing fad, like their home button, iterations of the lightning port, and so many things they have left behind as "obsolete" . Only then, if it is before the iPhone XI, can they get my $1k.
  • I think this is going to be a different beast. They have added sensors and dedicated processing power to the function. I'll be willing to bet this "just works" as usual for Apple. I use location and smart device unlock for my S8, not thrilled with any of the other techniques.
  • No matter how many sensors you put on the front of your phone, you still have to have it in your hand facing toward your face in order to unlock. That's my whole point. There are plenty of situations in which it's awkward to do so.
  • They did show one person using it more off angle than I expected in one of those marketing videos. The off angle use and functionality is what I'm curious about.
  • Well if it's any consolation when they tried to use it during the demo it didn't work in front of millions of people.
  • TouchID never works after a device reboot. You have to enter your pin at least one time before you can use biometrics. And it also requires a pin entry every few days even if you don’t reboot the phone, for security reasons. The reason it “failed” was because they used a fresh phone which was likely rebooted and never signed into before they did the face ID. That is the way biometrics have always worked on the iPhone. It’s by design. It means a cop can’t just put your phone up to your face and unlock it if you had it turned off. They would require your pin before any biometrics work. Nothing failed. Working as intended. But you people are so desperate for a negative point (and literally know nothing about what your discussing) that you bit on that and are now relegated to making yourself look dumb on the internet.
  • the iris scanner on my note 8 an s8 plus work hella fast in almost every condition except for direct sunlight an for that I have the trusted finger scanner . Apple did not reinvent the wheel sa they like you to believe
  • Exactly. The iris scanner worked great on the Note 7 and is even better for me on the 8. Im noticing that with the iPhone X, you still have to swipe up after your face is recognized.
  • You don’t have to lift your phone to do so, you just have to look down at the phone. It’s like you are incapable of using much of that glorious brain God has given you. This is not an Iris scanner. Samsung’s fingerprint scanner placement has rendered it a non option for convenient use so Apples actually in a better situation here, when compared to the Iris scanner on the Note 8 (which is still not nearly as secure as a fingerprint scanner). I’d never use a visual biometric, anyways, so I’m skipping the X this year at least. Put a nice Apple leather case on my iPjone 7 Plus and it feels like a new small phone compared to the silicon case I was sporting. That has tempered the only legit reason I see to upgrade (smaller size with better screen than iPhone 7 and better battery life). The rest of it is worthless to me. My iPhone Plus lasts forever. I can do without wireless charging for another year or two (and keep the money those accessories will cost).
  • Wasn't the whole "it just works" thing about Apple debunked about 5 years ago?
  • Nah, you were just holding it wrong. Same as when this doesn't work, you'll probably just be looking at it wrong.
  • That sounds about right lol. Forget face ID, give me my fingerprint scanner all day every day.
  • Yup it will be a much different beast. Their 3D facial recognition software is a lot more advance and a lot more was put into it from being fooled. At the end we ll see how good it is. At the end best looking true edge to edge design on the market as rumored from yrs ago.
  • You’re joking right? Did you miss the video and game demos that had the notch butting into your view? This is a hack design up front and then the huge camera hump on the back seals the deal that design is out the window for functionality.
  • That notch would bother the heck out of me.
  • the iris scanner is faster an way way more secure . anything having to do with face detection can an will be fooled . an my opinion I still think the s8 looks way better
  • You are such a liar
  • Android Wear and smartphone on hand.
    No need to unlock. When smartphone left will unlock automatic. I dont care about which is better.
    I do care is want WiFi and LTE supported to gigabits.
  • Lol really? How does the X look better than an essential or S8 etc exactly? Come on man...
  • I think that title goes to Mi Mix, the original bezel-less phone.
  • You're missing the point. No matter how good facial recognition is, if it's going to be secure, it can't be as fast and convenient as a fingerprint sensor. The author isn't debating whether Apple will do it better; in fact, he says he believes they will. He just says Touch ID is a better solution, regardless of how great Face ID works.
  • All your face are belong to us!
  • until someone gets or has plastic surgery or puts on colour contact lenses. But yes Apple, you win the internet for 15 minutes until Russian and Chinese teenage hackers fool the new unbreakable uncrackable apple security like every other year..
  • UNPOSSIBLE! I have it on good authority from every apple user that they have the BESTEST security and can't even get viruses. No hacker will beat them /s
  • Ask Tiger how that worked out for him...
  • Don't forget that border security and thugs will love that they will just have to point the confiscated or snatched phone to your face to get access to your private data.
  • Yikes
  • I can see it now. Someone discreetly snatches your phone, then walks up to you, points it toward you and says, hey is this your phone? They're in.
  • :-S it is a bit worrying when you think about it because unless you have to step secure access then this is going to be very interesting when you consider that pretty much every version of security would be better than this new facial recognition from Apple when it comes to theft.
  • I haven't watched the keynote yet but I'll bet dollar to donuts there's other security options and face rec is not forced upon you.
  • OMG, LOL i almost wet my pant
  • And that whole thing about police not being able to force you to unlock your device, now they don't even need to force your finger onto the reader. Now they just need to put the phone in front of your face.
  • It would have been trivial for them to add touchID either on the back (which they didn't do for obvious reasons) or the side and I'm kind of surprised they didn't (more courage I guess). A face might be harder to reproduce than a fingerprint so it's harder to fool from that perspective, but biometric authentication in general is still a broken system until it can't be reproduced at all and a person can't be forced to use it against their will.
  • Be careful throwing around the "trivial" word there. These are super-complex devices — nothing that big is easy to add nowadays.
  • Hm. Samsung somehow miraculously managed to do it. I guess removing a fingerprint scanner is more "courage" and "innovation."
  • The faceid failed on the stage twice. It's a pretty big gimmick if you ask me but they had to have something. They removed the home button before the under screen fingerprint technology was ready. I still don't understand the rounded corners. What's the point? I would have thought Apple of all manufacturers would have kept a rectangle screen since that is the way video is formatted.
  • It didn't fail. Just like Touch ID when you restart your phone, you have to input the pin first to activate the feature for security reasons. If you look at the video closely you would see this
  • After a restart it states on the screen that the phone has restarted. This was the same message that appears when Touch ID doesn't recognise a fingerprint.
  • Lol. *sigh*
  • It still failed and it was embarrassing.
  • No. It failed
  • Doesn't sound like a fun experience when in a hurry to pay for a service but I guess if it's very secure after you've had at the passwords etc then the extra time it needs to work it's worth it for the security is offering seems a bit slow though.
  • When they make a bazillion dollars on the 8, 8+ and X the next iphone will invent under the glass touch ID a year after Samsung has it on the next S or Note phone and sell a bazillion more iphones. FaceID seems like a lot of tech just to unlock your phone and have cartoon messages.
  • But at least they get updates when they are released... Samsung can't say that
  • Are the updates that relevant?
  • Yep
  • Not really. My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 get timely monthly security updates which are the real important things. Waiting for a new version of Android is definitely not as big a deal anymore.
  • They are if the software is broken.
  • This is kind of a moot point now because, with all the different manufacturers and skins and carriers it's just impossible. Unless you have a nexus or pixel. You sacrifice timely updates for variety.
  • Been pleased with Verizon system updates so far for my S8+. Something like 6 since activating in April. I know one was for early fixes but pretty sure they were all marked with monthly security updates. Btw, awesome smartphone.
  • From Oreo on this shouldn't be even a concern.
  • "With a properly-placed fingerprint sensor you can unlock your phone as you take it out of your pocket before it's anywhere near your face" ^^^THIS!!
  • Yup.
  • for all the times you reach from your bed fumbling in complete darkness ti check something on your phone.. #fingerprintscanner
  • Didn't think of that. Good one. Looking for more scenarios to make the face unlock sound less attractive.
  • guess you've never used the iris scanner then . It actually works faster in the dark .
  • That's great if it is better In darkness but we will have to see how this new hardware and software works in real life before passing judgement either way I am very curious.
  • What can you do, this is a reasonable solution to the complex problem of getting a fingerprint under the screen to work and produce in mass numbers.
  • I'd rather deal with an awkwardly-placed FPS (S8, S8+, Note 8) than just with Face ID alone. I don't know why Apple would be stupid enough to ditch Touch ID. The fingerprint sensor is still a better option of unlocking a phone just because of how fast and convenient it is. With Face ID, you have to be looking straight at the phone (paying attention to the phone as the guy in the keynote said). I want to unlock my phone in all situations, and a fingerprint sensor allows me to do that. I was holding out on purchasing the Note 8 until I saw the Apple Keynote, and now I'm definitely getting the Note 8 because it has a fingerprint sensor.
  • Because Apple doesnt want to follow that trend placing it at the back like everyone else is doing. If and once they can get the fingerprint sensor embedded /underneath the screen it ll come back. For now their 3D facial recognition Face ID will have to do.
  • Ah, it won't "have to do" though, will it? Retinella told you why. She, or anytime else, can just buy a different phone. Most of them won't, of course. But that's their problem.
  • And yet, it won't really be a problem at all.
  • They will release it the next time around and say they innovated the back fps.
  • this
  • Yeah as the guy above said, this is just a temp measure. Once they figure out how to embed the finger print sensor under the screen, bingo!
  • What I'm hearing when you say that is that they shouldn't have removed the touch ID sensor because the replacement technology isn't there yet. They couldn't get farceID to work on stage... In conditions they had total control over. And they want a grand for it...
  • Very well put. Sorry but there is nothing faster then unlocking with fingerprint.
    Even if Apples Face ID turns out to be a whole lot faster then The iris scanner its still slower then Fingerprint
    and can be awkward at times. With fingerprint the phone is unlocked before it reaches my face.
    You just cant beat that
  • Totally agree! But Apple doesnt want to follow that trend placing it at the back like everyone else is doing. If and once they can get the fingerprint sensor embedded /underneath the screen it ll come back. For now their 3D facial recognition Face ID will have to do.
  • Well. They have already follow them on the minimal bezels, round screen edge... And also the use button to trigger voice assistant (similar idea like how Samsung let user call bixby using a dedicated button)... Does it make a difference if they add one more thing?
  • Completely agree. Fingerprint sensor is way better and more secure.
  • No. Apple said the face she could be fooled one in a million times compared to one in fifty thousand with the fingerprint scanner.
  • The face unlock is easy to fake. even on the best phones all you need is a picture of the persons face or a movie of their face and you can unlock it. Since everyone is all selfie crazy right now wouldn't be hard to find.
  • No it has to be 3D apparently. It won't work with photos. They thought of that. They supposedly even tested it with masks replicating faces. The eyes need to be open too. It's using infrared mapping, not an image of your face. It's supposed to be much more secure than finger prints which aren't hard to duplicate or hard to place a sleeping person's finger on the phone. Supposedly it works from angles, so you don't have to put the phone directly in front of your face. Possibly it can detect the face with the phone on a tabletop and you glancing down...we shall see. Supposedly beards & eyeglasses won't interfere, and it's not color dependent, so no worries about makeup or lighting. My questions - what about dark sunglasses, people who wear masks for work (ie medical and construction), and muslim women who wear burqas? If it can detect through a beard can it detect through these? This seems more inconvenient than touch ID not working with gloves... The only benefit is more screen space & possibly it's actually more secure.
  • What puzzle me is with only 1 camera. How the sensor can detect the different depth? I mean 3D map of the face. Is the dot projector plays the trick?
  • It also has IR Camera and flood illuminator in addition to the camera and dot projector. And A11 Bionic get a whole section dedicated to facial recognition too.
  • There is no way it's going to work through a full face cover, like a burka. I guess this iPhone is not targeted at that market.
  • Then again, if you're still living in the 50's then I guess you can get by using just a passcode.
  • No. I disagree. When face unlock works on the note 8 it's fabulous. Apple iteration is a whole new level that works in the dark too. I'm a android guy, but Apple face recognition is gonna be the standard for now. And Mark my words. 'Users will love it.'
  • My s8 works flawlessly in the dark
  • If the scanner actually can detect the difference between 2D and 3D imagery through a scanner that shoots out dots to map the face's ridges, valleys, hollows, etc it could be better. Honestly, they should have demo'd it if it's so much better and can't be fooled by pictures.
  • They did demo it on stage and it failed. It took like 3 attempts that could've been solved with the fingerprint scanner.
  • ill trust my security with the crazy fast iris scanner . An it seems that its even faster on my note 8 . sorry Apple but I see nothing new here that my s3 didn't have 5 years ago
  • My S8+ Iris Scanner is the best thing ever. I only use the fingerprint scanner when outside in the sun. Otherwise, the iris scan works nearly instantly and even through my glasses.
  • My biggest take away from the iPhone X is there just isn't enough RAM. 4GB lags in my Note 5, all be it with a lot going on... Seriously Apple, only 3GB?
  • IOS doesn't need as much ram to run well. I'm an Android guy but iOS still has a buttery smoothness that's as yet unmatched.
  • Except for ARCore which you could see stuttering in the demo.
  • Well that 3gb is going to kick all Android phones on the rear regardless of having less RAM. iOS multitasking happens differently than Android and it'll do just fine or better than the current Android flagships. I'm not taking any sides here, just stating the fact.
  • if you really care if one app opens a hair faster ....most don't . That's just youtube jock bragging rights stuff . my note 8 has been butter don't see that changing anytime soon being that my s8 plus is still pretty quick
  • You are not stating facts. Noone has compared muti tasking on newer Android devices vs iPhone X so it's not a fact. It could be true but we don't know yet.
  • Not an apples to apples comparison. iOS just isn't nearly as RAM-hungry as Android is. iPhones have always had way less memory than equivalent Android devices, but lag has never been a big issue.
  • Correct, lag has never been a big issue (although my former 5C was not happy after the last two updates). My iPhone 6, 6S, and 7 are nice and smooth though. However, I will say that the U11 is just as smooth, and a bit faster, than my matte black 128GB iPhone 7. The speed difference is not a deal breaker though, and I'm happy with the performance of both. I got both phones on the same day, but speed had little to do with me picking a primary driver. The U11 just has so much character and is so fun, and having twice the battery life is just icing on the cake.
  • Android is still a resource hog, iOS on the other hand does not need a lot of RAM to work smoothly. I use both operating systems and so have first hand experience of this. On the other hand I think the iPhone X is still proof of concept, a curiosity at this point. One must wait for it to go mainstream.
  • That's Samsung's software.
  • When Face ID studded on stage I was hoping the new alert for increased heart rate would alert on his Apple Watch. lol
  • Man now I know why Steve job was boss. He would have told John ivy and the crew to take your ass back to the drawing board and give me something revolutionary and magical.
  • There will be many face to face situations where you will have to stick a phone between you and the other person just unlock. I sometimes unlock my phone several times during a face to face conversation looking up contacts, references, etc. Now will will know who owns the IPhone X just by seeing how many times they stick their phone between them and you.
  • I wonder how they'll walk it back next year (or whenever) when they launch under the screen touch ID. "We know said that Face ID was superior, but just forget all of that..."
  • I mean, they launched the iPhone 8 today with Touch ID. They're not ready to get rid of it yet.
  • Plus there is no reason they couldn't have both.
  • This may be a cost issue Andrew. The dot projector probably costs way more than a touch ID sensor and prevents them from bringing it to a lower cost phone at this moment in time.
  • $1000 phone
  • So.....$40 more than the Note 8?
  • yet the note 8 bring way more bang for the buck if you ask me . fyi most got a discount on there note 8 so no one complaining about the price as much
  • Value is a personal thing. It might not be worth it to you, but it will be for quite a few people. But saying "$1000 phone" like it's a reason to not buy it doesn't make sense. It just simply won't be true for a lot of people. But I do agree that Samsung makes the value decision easier by offering deals.
  • iPhone X is pretty impressive.... And I hate iPhones.
  • Did they do away with fingerprint reading altogether and just relying on the face ID?
  • Yeah, while I think this will work better than anything we have seen yet it is still not going to be as convenient as Touch ID, regardless of how many publications try to make consumers think otherwise. This is clearly a measure Apple did not want to take, pretty sure they wanted to have Face ID be an option alongside Touch ID but here we are. I wonder IF they will reintroduce the fingerprint sensor next year or if they will double down on Face ID as next gen tech?
  • Confused on why anyone is stoaked over a picture on another phone can open the new iPhone X is beyond me.
  • I prefer the finger print scanner.
  • Fingerprint scanner works under water but Facial Recognition!!
  • I really hate the way Apple goes chinzy on their memory options, especially considering you cannot upgrade your storage. For $999 they could have gone up to the 128.
  • Huh? The options are 64 or 256.
  • Yeah, why bother with 64 at all? Should have gone straight to 128 first and 256 for the extra money.
  • I'm still trying to figure out why anyone would buy the regular iPhone 8? Did I miss a revolutionary feature in that announcement?
  • It's cheaper and still has Touch ID.
  • But what makes it better than the even cheaper iPhone 7?
  • Better processor, longer support, wireless charging (if that is your bag). It is an objectively better phone. The question should be are those better features worth the price.
  • Or if the iPhone X is worth almost $300 more.
  • It will work better than Samsung's Face ID, but why would a $1000 phone not have a finger print reader? Just makes no sense.
  • your drinking the koolaid sir Samsung last I checked looking at my note8 still has a back up finger scanner that just works . And a iris scanner that's Just as fast but way more secure . An there face detection works just as fast as apples rather it'll be less secure . Well lets wait until the iph X gets out in the wild . in real hands . I saw it fell twice on stage
  • The Samsung facial recognition usually is setup wrong by many. While setting it up, uncheck faster recognition and this makes it more secure. You can't trick this with a photo if you do it.
  • Because you're not an engineer
  • I agree, it made no sense, but watching the news over the summer it would seem that Apple was banking on the finger ID to work from the front screen, but that fell through so they just completely left it off. Big mistake imo.
  • So they had to copy windows and skip 9? iPhone 8 and iPhone X (pronounced ten).
  • Had to laugh when their magical technology failed in front of millions of people. Not impressed with the X. Seems like they are just copying Samsung at this point.
  • And Samsung have never had something not work in a live demo? Or Google come to that.
  • No idea. But it was pretty amusing considering they were hyping the thing like the second coming. Also, considering this is the only way to unlock your phone other than code, this is not good. At least Samsung put numerous unlocking methods on their flagship.
  • it felled twice in controlled conditions need I say more . ill keep using the crazy fast an secure iris scanner
  • You bring up some valid points Andrew. Even when face unlock works perfectly, there are situations where it just won't work due to it's very nature. It needs to see your face. About 30% of my phone unlocks occur when my phone cannot see my face. Phone on the desk at home, in my car mount, propped on the mixer for notes while doing a concert, on my desk at work, during conference calls with five or six people gathered around. Face unlock is useless for these scenarios, and that's just how I use my phone. Waking up and checking the time is another thing I do nightly, with the phone on it's back facing the ceiling. I know you don't have to unlock the phone to see the time, but with the home button gone, do you fumble around for the tiny power button while half asleep? Like you mentioned, you can unlock your phone in your pocket with an FP sensor, and if it has Edge Sense, you can also launch the app or function of your choice WHILE pulling it out of your pocket.
  • Those with the iphone X will be entering there pin numbers into the unlock system more than they realize.
  • The iPhone display turns on when you raise the phone. You don't have to fumble for any buttons at all.
  • It will be interesting to see how enterprise security team allow this type of authentication. They have been saying no to face scanning so far.
  • Y'all forgot that Lumai 950/950XL were the first smartphones ever built to have Iris Scanning Cameras on the planet. ;) Way before Samsung introduced this technology to Note 7
  • I dunno. Why doesn't the iPhone 8 have this small bezel design or the "Face ID" feature?
  • I think the real issue is tying the face id to apple pay. Phone unlocks are one thing. But paying for stuff using the Face ID? Given how many people do use the fingerprint sensor for Apple Pay, the move to Face ID better be secure....well I would describe this as either "courage" on the part of Apple or just insane. That being said, from my limited experience with a samsung S8, holding a phone so it can see your eyes/face is not nearly as fast or efficient as a quick fingerprint sensor. I am really curious if this doesn't go to plan, and how Apple plans on blaming its consumers if there is a major problem. Deny Deny Deny, class action lawsuit, admit, settle. Maybe they should have gone with the Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 Plus and held off on the iphone x until the screen fingerprint sensor was ready? Nah, that isn't apple at all!
  • "Your holding it wrong". Was apples last answer to those spending all that money and having a failing product. The Remedy was a bumper case to help its customers hold it "the right way". Because holding it the right way meant not physically touching the phone.
  • Agree 100%. Problem for a solution. No matter how good face recognition is, I´ll take Samsung's badly placed scanners anytime. If they were properly placed ( like in previous iPhones or the Pixel), then all the better.
  • Using facial recognition with Apple Pay is just awkward. On my GS8+ I can open Samsung Pay by swiping up on the screen even when it is. Right after I do that put my finger on the reader and then phone up to the terminal, it's seasmless. Imagine opening Apple Pay then staring at your phone and then putting it up to the terminal.
  • It's no more reliable (or stupid) as having this website redraw the screen from the TOP of the Page every time you comment (or reply) or offer a Like+ for a post.
  • For the time I had the GS8, the iris scanner actually worked pretty well. Sometimes it was easier to use it than the fingerprint scanner and it complemented fingerprint ID. I would be surprised if the facial recognition Apple introduced worked better than the iris scanner or fingerprint scanner. But I would love to see a true comparison of all three, since I truly do not know which is more reliable.
  • I agree. I would have preferred a touch ID sensor on the back as a back up. Still gonna preorder the iPhone X and return it for the 8+ if face unlock sucks.
  • But but the iPhone is $1000 . Amazing all the complaints about the note 8 prices yet its acceptable only if it's a iPhone ...ok ??
  • Monetary Reality Distortion Field in effect.
  • The new proper iPhone is the 8. The slightly upgraded iPhone that looks like the iPhone Apple fans are used to. Familiar forehead and chin iPhone owners are perfectly OK with. And a friendly round home button. The X is just an experiment. A premium material lab rat. FaceID is a tech that feels like a game, AR or something else they were working on that they switched gears last minute and ported to be the new key feature for replacing the fps. Then X just feels cobbled together and not a cohesive idea.
  • Excellent article. Once again the decision that was made was likely not one that would have been endorsed by Steve Jobs. Usability is taking a back seat to, we'll frankly, a gimmicky feature that was really only introduced because Apple failed at achieving the better solution, an in-screen fingerprint scanner. No matter if it works perfectly every single time, Face ID will be slower and more cumbersome to use than Touch ID. Just the simple act of unlocking your phone when it is lying on the table becomes nearly impossible unless you lean over your phone, to use one example.
  • If you have to open your eyes to unlock the new iPhoneX with FaceID, how is it any different from the Iris Scan by Samsung and the others?
  • I'm quite impressed with the note 8 face unlock.... So apple should be just as good if not better I would assume.
  • Agreed.
  • As I bring my Pixel up to my face, my finger moves onto the sensor. I swipe down with my finger and NOW - as my phone is in front of my eyes all my messages are available. The apple phone is ready to unlock. Which is better?
  • I have to laugh, because everyone is saying that "apple doesn't want to follow the trend of ... ". Well, let's review. They went with no bezel, been done already by more then one company, for years. They did wireless charging. Do we even need to discuss how long this has been available? They did facial recognition, again, been around for years. They put the buttons in the same exact spots as samsung, and quite a few other brands, whereas it used to be on top, for instance. They have dual cameras ( only on plus or the X ), that has been done by quite a few manufacturers as well. Also, which is one of the funniest, apple said they would never make a "larger" phone, and yet, for the past two models, at least, they have now come up with the "plus". And yet they will make it seem that they have invented it, even when it has been out for years. Not that apple doesn't do quite a lot of things better then other competition, but please, don't act like any of the points i just made are "innovative" and "new" and "trail-blazing". Really? So, my question is, how is it that "apple doesn't want to follow the trend? I can't believe that anyone would even say that comment. I can't wait to hear the comments and excuses. Everyone that i have spoken to that has an iphone 6 or 7 really can't understand why the only option ( besides a password or a pattern ) is the primary method for security and other features ( like apple pay ). Many people, no matter what manufacturer they like, have never liked the facial recognition, because they say it is always finnicky, and not secure, and surely not the primary method of security.
  • I think we all can agree that facial recognition is not the way to go. But you can't blame apple for copying. Their are about 15 different android manufacturers with their distinct features. One company can't compete and keep up with all of them. It's not a fair fight when is ios vs android because of the number of manufacturers on android.
    That's like you vs 15 other people in a ring, is just not going to work.
  • Yes sir you are nothing but right. I used Iris on my S8+. 2 weeks or less and switched back to Nothing. I still believe finger prints are the best
  • From a law enforcement officers perspective, this is going to make it easier to access your phone without the need for the owner to provide PIN# or a fingerprint. I'm not going to argue with whether that's good or bad. I will say that I have warned family and friends against using facial recognition to access their private data. As stated before, I won't participate in arguments for either side of the isle. I will present a few scenarios as to where this could make it easier for not just myself but others to access your phone and the information you keep stored in it. Scenario 1)
    You are in an accident and knocked unconscious. Law enforcement responds to the scene and continues the investigation after you are transported to the hospital. Depending on the circumstances I may want to search your phone to help with the accident timeline. Maybe I see that you were on a phone call at the time of the accident. I may even see half of a text message that you were unable to finish due to the accident. Scenario 2)
    You are detained and it is believed that a search of your phone will result in evidence of a specific crime or the phone was utilized in said crime. All I have to do is hold the phone to your face and it will unlock. I now have access to your private information. These are just scenarios to think about. I do not know the specifics of how the facial recognition feature will work for the iPhone X. I just firmly believe that people need to really sit down and think about these issues. There will be legal issues that arise from this pertaining to this feature regarding law enforcement. I guess I just hope that it's not me that's named in the lawsuit. Like I told my family and friends, the best protection you can have is utilizing a strong PIN# or password that only you know. Disclaimer: I'm law enforcement but strongly value my privacy and do not want the privacy of my family or friends to be infringed upon.
  • With scenario 1 if a person is unconscious they phone will not unlock, Apple stated eyes need to be opened. If you hold someone's eyes open your hands will interfere with the face scan.
    With scenario 2 suspect could turn away or close their eyes preventing you from scanning.
  • Scenario 2, one cop stands and talks with you. another cop walks up behind you and says "excuse me sir/ma'am" and holds your phone up. When you turn around your eyes will naturally look at your phone and unlock it.
    Yes they should have a warrant, yes you can lock the phone with a key combo if you don't forget to do it or didn't get there because of a wreck, yes they could have just made you press the fingerprint sensor. But don't think for a second that it would be hard to get someone to look at their phone.
  • You're correct. I would argue that for any biometric security, there's a risk of abuse by law enforcement (and potential employers and landlords, too). I keep passwords strictly alphanumeric--convenience and speed be damned.
  • neither of those situations will work. you have to have me look at the phone with my eyes open to unlock it. I can also disable face unlock with a very simply and quick key press. it's also illegal for you to search my phone without a warrant. with a fingerprint scanner you can simply put my finger on the button. you also cannot make me give you a pin
  • That's not true at all. There are many exceptions to that. It varies widely from state to state.
  • THIRD SCENARIO: You are Blind! ;)
  • I'm not familiar with IOS at all but how will they get back to a "home" screen without their home button?
  • Swipe up from bottom. RTFA
  • They copied BB10!
  • WebOS, actually.
    It's the gift that keeps on giving
  • Yup. RIP WebOS. Although it's technically still alive on my TV. #LG
  • From my understanding Samsung's facial scan technology is using a photo of your face and then uses software to create a map of your face. If I am wrong someone could please provide me the source of info on Samsung's tech. The iPhone X uses a dot projector (like Xbox Kinect) and then an IR camera to read those dots over laid on your face in 3D to create a map instantly with ~30,000 points. This should also prevent it from being fooled by a photo like Samsung's devices can because there is no depth on the dot map that is projected onto the photo and therefore will not match the stored face map.
  • I think I'd rather have a FPS
  • I agree that it's not better than having a fingerprint reader, but i will say from all the hands-on and demos it definitely seems like a step above from anything I've used on Android. With the Galaxies, the iris scanner would give me shiz because of my glasses. Plus, it wasn't as quick as I wanted to be, and when it showed my face on the screen, ugh, I just hated it. I don't always look great. Face ID seems like not only a quicker solution, but definitely more efficient than the previous attempts at this tech. That being said, there's no getting around the fact this was just a stop-gap solution until they get embedded fingerprint reader tech working well, because all the drawbacks you mentioned are true. What used to be a simple touch of the button to get Apple Pay to work for example now requires two additional steps. Don't care how fast or cool it is, that's not easier.
  • Sitting here using my Surface Pro 4, which has had IR based face unlock for years that works amazingly. Not sure why no one has mentioned it at all, since it was around before either the iPhone version or the Note 8 version. Even my Lumia 950XL has it, although it does suck a lot on that one. And both of these were preceded by the work that Intel did to create a giant reference device you could stick on your computer to demonstrate the principle. Come on AC, where are your references to these things? We don't live in a tech vacuum where only Apple and Samsung create concepts and devices.
  • Because Surface Pro is not a phone. As simple as that. A huge tablet can store anything you want. A room in a phone is limited.
  • According to an Arab facebook post: If one is asleep and his wife takes the iphone and pass it across his face will it open or Not!!
  • apples to oranges. the apple version will have one major difference from the samsung...it will work
  • Works on Samsung. You have no idea if it will work on Apple
  • Did anyone think of hand ID? Maybe the htc, and google devices will come with that. They both are supposed to be squeezeable, so why use face or fingerprint? You grip it, and it knows it's you.
  • Samsung’s stuff is routinely beta quality compared to Apples, so bring a Note 8 user is actually a good reason to write off anything you have to say about this.