mSpot joins video-on-demand fray -- Amazon, Apple, Netflix have reason to worry?

Joshua Munoz 6

Popular music streaming service company mSpot is jumping into the video streaming arena, and in a big way. They're introducing the mSpot Movies Club, a monthly subscription based streaming service for computers and mobile devices. Better yet, they're undercutting their competitors on new releases by a whopping 99 cents, which in the mobile world, actually matters. I had the opportunity...

Sprint contest invites movie makers to make an epic mini movie; $25,000 prize

Andrew Melnizek 6

Sprint wants you to create your own Epic Mini Movie highlighting some of the Epic 4G's, well, epicness. A new contest announced today by the yellow-logoed company wants you to submit your own Epic Mini Movie moments for a chance to win $25,000. The top 10 movies that are the most epic will be hand-picked by director Michael Bay. You know, the guy who directed Transformers, Transformers...