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Swing Copters shows Google Play still has a copycat problem

Flappy Bird wasn't the first game to spawn an entire ecosystem of me-too clones, nor will it be the last. And now that the developer of the insanely difficult but addicting game has released the even more insanely difficult and even more addicting (is that even possible?) Swing Copters, well, we're seeing it again.

But who's at fault here? Google Play for allowing pretty much anything to be published? Or the developer who's trying to make a quick buck? Or the user who's not paying close enough attention — or even knows who the true dev of Swing Copters is, for that matter — to install the right one? Or is this even an issue?


  • Biting their style! Posted via Android Central App
  • For extremely popular apps there should be some sort of official label on the app to verify that it's the genuine article.
  • +1 Posted via the OnePlus One
  • Just look for the developers name Posted via Android Central App
  • Yesterday I searched for the title and the neither of the first two results were by Gears. I can't recall the first and the second was someone who had the same last name as the developer but different first name. That's kinda bad for an end user.
  • I guess you missed the line that stated: "Or the user who's not paying close enough attention — or even knows who the true dev of Swing Copters is, for that matter — to install the right one?" How many casual users, if are told to download "flappy Birds" would know which it is, if there are 5 others that say "flappy birds" in the title.
  • That's "flappy bird", not "flappy birds".
  • Aww man, the real one is listed first.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again. Google NEEDS to add a better system for getting apps into the okay store checked before they are submitted. I'm not saying to lock it down apple style. Just SOMETHING better than what they've done so far. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Some have better review scores than the real one which is funny. I am sure it is easy to game that system when an app is first released though.
  • Now imagine this: all these copycats are actually all the same original developer, it's like a virus infecting our brain with addictive games. DUN DUN DUNNN
  • I'll say that whoever copies should be suspended... Posted via the Android Central App
  • and all apps removed
  • Yes Google would do that provided the author copyrights it. The issue is most developers don't have the resources to go about it (time and money).
  • The original game is first on the list.
  • Not all are... There was a game (forgot the name but i think it was Out of Water) and when I did a search, it wasn't anywhere near the top of the list. I had to scroll about 20 games before i found it, and that was only AFTER I had to go and double check online who the Dev was. not the first time the original game wasn't towards the top. nor the last.
  • Some better filters are in order. If I was Joe Schmo looking for a game that everyone is talking about, not an enthusiast who followed an App Store link from a news site, I wouldn't know where to start. Come to think of it, yeah, when a friend told me to get both the tiles again (name escapes me) and when I tried to find 2048 on my fiance's Moto X it was a nightmare. Copy cat crap sucks.
  • Ironic that you mention you were looking for 2048 when it's a copy of Threes (or was that the other game you needed the name of)
  • Its a little shameful to copy someone else's hard work but its also interesting to see other ideas or modifications. Like for instance "flappy doge" I enjoy so much more than the regular flappy bird. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes. Flappy Doge is life. Such fun. Much doge. Wow. Posted via the OnePlus One
  • I'll be daring enough to say that it's on the developer. I'm not saying that I support the copy cat issue. I'm just saying that when I go to a store to buy Sony I recognize the brand. Supercell has clash of clans, boom beach and some other games. The way they name their games, select the icon image and the heavy branding makes it easy to find the right one. I even look for more apps made by the same developer. I'm not saying that the ones that copy aren't shady but I don't see why they need to be punished. If a developer puts in the right kind of money and time then they will be recognized. Other than box and the other cloud storage Co with the similar name, I've never had trouble finding the original. Posted via Android Central App
  • What happens when the developer doesn't have the money for marketing it's brand like Sony or Supercell?
  • If there app isn't making them money but it's got enough attention to warrant copying don't you think it's time for a new game plan anyway? I don't know the first thing about making apps but in business you will always have those who copy. The question is are you offering a reason for customers to want to stay with you? Once again not defending the copy cats. Just encouraging smart business where in a crowded app arena you have to stand out copy cat or not. Posted via Android Central App
  • Game is literally horrid
  • Or the user who's not paying close enough attention.......sounds like some peoples argument about how Samsung is seen as android....or how others think there are only iphones in the world. So glad that we are the self-chosen snobs(/S) of our fan-dom, and can actually pick out the real Swing Copters from the field....but for the life of me, why does my character only have one eye, with a pigs face?
  • I can't even figure out how to play the game.. How do I "steer" the guy?
  • I gave up also, too damn hard for a simple helicopter game.
  • Each tap changes direction. You have to pace your taps extremely precisely. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well if you searched for swing copter then you would download the one called swing copter. Posted via Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
  • damn lazy ass people trying to make money off of other peoples shit. They need to pull those copy cats down off the play store
  • I think people should have common sense and do some research beforehand, not blindly download anything they see. This is the same theory with downloading genuine antivirus and fake antivirus on computer.
  • The app store is one of the things Apple does right that Google needs to take a lesson from. Now I'm not saying it needs to be locked down completely, but total anarchy is even worse. Some control and moderation is needed! The devs need these apps removed and any profit made returned to customers they swindled, repeat offenders banned, however Google shouldn't have let it happen to begin with! Posted from my HTC One M8 via Android Central App
  • I totally agree. Google needs to start filtering this junk out. The copycat apps are completely obvious when you spot them, so boot them off of the Play store!
  • Remember when Flappy Bird came out they had 12 articles in 2 days? Click bait. I'm counting these guys. ;) Posted via Android Central App
  • The issue isn't the copying of the game and mechanics, that's been happen for decades and sometimes you get a different product that is equally as good or better. The issue is branding and abuse of tags. There's nothing Google can do about it outside of a more strict verification process, but the source is the dishonest developers trying to cash in by abusing search results. Posted via Android Central App
  • Umm... Isn't competition a good thing?
  • As easy as it is to blame Google the real fault lies with the developer. If someone makes a blatant copy of your game and goes as far to use assets that are identical or an obvious rip off of your intellectual property then it is your responsibility as the developer/owner to send Google a take down request for the infringing product. Companies like Nintendo and Square do this all the time. Posted via the Android Central App