HTC One Max

A quick reminder, folks, that Sprint's mondo HTC One Max is available today. The 5.9-inch phone — and that's just the display, folks! — will run you $249 on contract, or $25 a month with the Sprint One Up program. (You can save another $100 if you port your number over to Sprint, by the way.)

A reminder: This phone's not for everyone. It's big. Really Big. Here's how our own Alex Dobie put it in his official HTC One Max review:

The One Max is more than a big HTC One, but also a lesser phone than the HTC One. If you’re after the full HTC experience on a larger display, well, for the most part, this is that device. And right now it's the closest you're going to get to an HTC tablet. But for most buyers the smaller, better-looking HTC One, or the higher-end and more manageable Galaxy Note 3 will be better options.

So be sure to read our full take before taking the plunge.

And we'd also recommend taking a look at Sprint's coverage map if you're looking at making the leap to the Now Network.

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