Some Android Free Apps Aren't Really Free

Have you guys run into this problem yet? Gizmodo is reporting that certain apps in the Android Market are posing as free but actually pulling a bait and switch on you to get you to pay for the apps. How are they doing this? Well, they put up the app on the Market for free and after you download it, the app's sole purpose is to link you to their website where you can buy the actual app. Not free but for $9.99.

MobiHand is somewhere between an offender and a bystander for this little bit of purposeful miscommunication -- they didn't list the app in the Market, but hopefully they'll be able to keep such nefariousness from becoming commonplace on their store. You know, we at Android Central will pay for apps, we support the developer. And a lot of you developers definitely deserve it but seriously, don't need to pull a stunt like this to get money. How about you spend your time making a good app instead.

That'll get you money. And some self-respect.


Casey Chan