Sega title Football Manager finally heading to Android

Football Manager is one of those blockbuster PC titles that, year after year, attracts huge numbers of players. The handheld version has been available on iOS for a while now, but Sega has finally decided to bring it to Android, further bolstering their ever developing catalog.

The launch of this premium title will also come with a premium price. In the UK, it'll cost £6.99 when it launches in the Google Play Store on April 11. 

So what does £6.99 actually get you? A pretty full featured Football Manager experience, that's what. Leagues are included from 12 countries, as is full control over transfers -- vital in getting your local, lower league team to Premier League glory. In match live control is also along for the ride, with an adjustable match speed. 

While initially available from the Google Play Store, Sega have said that it will likely be available from other Android app stores in the coming weeks. 

via Eurogamer

Richard Devine