Qmadix Q-i-sound Stereo Bluetooth speakers review

Sometimes, you need a Bluetooth headset that also handles music. Other times, you want to listen to your music via Bluetooth and occasionally need to field a phone call.

What about when you sit at your desk or in your den? Wouldn’t it be nice to stream your music from your Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) to real speakers and still be able to take a phone call if needed? That’s the aim of the Qmadix Q-i-sound Stereo Bluetooth speakers. These small, portable speakers also have microphones incorporated into them to take phone calls when needed.

Qmadix Q-I-sound

What’s in the box

The Qmadix Q-i-sound comes with the Bluetooth speakers (including built in microphones for taking calls,)  a handy travel case for transporting the speakers, a wall jack and USB cable for charging. Also included are a quick reference guide and a detailed instruction manual.


The Qmadix Q-i-sound is a small set of stereo speakers; each with its own battery and own functionality. The speakers are designed to be charged together and then placed wherever needed for stereo sound.

Each speaker contains a duplex microphone for phone calls. The left speaker has five buttons on the face:

  • Multi-function button
  • FF/REW buttons
  • Volume buttons

The right speaker has only one button; an ON/OFF button. The speakers can be place up to 10 meters away from your Galaxy S3 or other Android phone when listening to music, but you will want to be close by if you take advantage of the built in microphones for phone calls.


The Qmadix Q-i-sound functions primarily as Stereo Bluetooth speakers for listening to music.

There are  volume controls on  the left speaker as well as controls to power ON, pair, play, pause, stop music and answer or end a call.

Essentially, you pair the speakers with your Galaxy S3 or other Android phone, listen to your music, and take phone calls (if you want) when they come in by tapping the Power button.

To power on the speakers, press (about 1 second) the MFB on the left speaker and the Power button on the right speaker. To power off the speakers, press and hold both buttons.

While playing music through the speakers, just tap the MFB to Pause or Play a song. To stop the music altogether, Press the MFB button for about 1 second.

Use the FF and REW buttons to move through songs in a playlist of album. Use the Volume controls to adjust the volume of the speakers.

When a phone call comes in, just tap the Power button to take a call. Tap it again to end a call.  To reject a call, press and hold the Power button for a second to reject a call. To activate S voice on the Galaxy S or voice dialing on other Android phones, press and hold the Power  button for about one second.


The Q-i-sound speakers are paired with your phone by pressing and holding the MFB for about 5 seconds. You will hear a tone and then see a solid Blue and Red lights.

On your HTC EVO 4G LTE or HTC One X, Galaxy S III or other Android device, just:

  1. Go to your Bluetooth settings
  2. Choose Scan for devices
  3. Select the Qmadix q-i-sound from available devices


Call quality

The microphones for the Qmadix Q-I-sound are built in to the speakers – near the Power and MFB buttons. They did a reasonably good job picking up my voice on phone calls.  Callers on the other end said they could hear me, but they could also hear noise around me – I guess these are not really noise-cancelling microphones.

On my end, calls sounded great as they were coming out of these sweet little speakers on my desk. Calls were clear and loud.

Music quality

Most users of the Qmadix Q-i-sound are looking first and foremost for a nice set of stereo speakers for their music. Realizing that ALL Bluetooth stereo is compromised because of the way MP3 files are compressed in the first place and then compressed again to stream via Bluetooth – the sound quality of these speakers was very good.

I was actually very pleasantly surprised the first time I fired these up. These little guys play loudly. They filled my office with sound that was clear, loud and pleasant to listen to.

As you might expect from the diminutive size of these speakers, bass response was not its strong suit. That being said, the speakers had more bass than I thought possible from a small package. Bass  did not have the “punch” of a larger system, but it was more than adequate.

Where these speakers really shine is in both the mid and high frequency ranges. Guitars were pretty clear and individual notes were distinctive. Vocals were also good.

At times, very high frequencies sounded a bit “tinny” but, for the most part, highs were handled quite well. I listened to various genres of music from Springsteen to the Stone and from David Wilcox to Santana to Bach and Mozart. While I was sometimes wanting more bass – I was overall very happy listening for extended periods of time to these speakers.

The wrap up

The Qmadix Q-i-sound is a great addition to any desk or small room.  The sound is loud and clear and the music quality is actually quite good. Toss in the ability to take phone calls in a pinch and use S voice or other voice dialing app and these are quite a useful accessory.

The good

  • Small and portable
  • Great music quality
  • Easy to pair and use
  • Function as a speakerphone

The bad

  • Bass quality was lacking a bit

The verdict

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speakers, you really do owe it to yourself to give a listen to the Qmadix Q-i-sound. Music sounds great, you can use these as a speakerphone and take them with you just about anywhere due to their small size.

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Gary Mazo
  • I may have missed it, but how long do they play music before they need recharged AND can you charge them while they are playing? Thanks!
  • You can charge them while they are playing which is a very nice feature - thanks for asking that question.
  • What is the runtime on a single charge?
    Checking the Link I see 8 hours while playing music, but how realistic is that?
  • Pretty realistic - I got at least the eight hours listed.
  • Seems pretty darn overpriced if you ask me... A BT receiver costs no mor than $40, even w/mic and phone functions, and those aren't $100 speakers (or even $50 speakers). Probably sounds no better than something like the Jambox, which is also overpriced but at 'least it's more compact (and can be found for like $175). Not like two tiny tweeters struggling to reproduce the whole frequency range are gonna create great stereo separation anyway, no matter how far apart you're able to place them. You can grab any cheaper speaker/dock unit and add a BT receiver for less tho. There's even a couple Samsung BT receivers that double as BT headsets.
  • I've been looking for a pair of really good speakers to take with me when I'm on the go. I need something that is compact, portable, and lightweight. Sound quality is important to me, but it needs to look good. Going against my better judgement I bought a Jambox at Best Buy cause of all the hype in their reviews, and immediately returned that ugly brick looking speaker that was incredibly over-hyped and overpriced. It kinda seems like they have spam bots that flood their reviews online. Wasn't until I bought that piece of crap that I realized it was all smoke in mirrors. I haven't tried these out yet, but for $50 cheaper than Jambox and getting two speakers that have a better look, are more compact (and portable) and I'm sure comparable sound (if not better) - I'm definitely going to give the Q-i-Sound a shot. Not sure about you, but I like to game and watch movies on top of listening to music (which truthfully would be a secondary function). Unlike the Jambox that you have to have facing you to hear it's puniative sound, I think that the Q-i-Sounds ability to be set 10 meters a part is pretty bad ass because it's the one wireless Bluetooth system like this that offers surround sound. Just sayying!
  • Another CHEAP ASS, Gosh! Either buy them or get lost bro. These Speakers are dope man!