Monster Strike has enjoyed over 5 million downloads on the Japanese Google Play Store alone, and now players in North America and elsewhere can see what all the fuss is about.

Monster Strike is effectively a marble-flicking game about hitting and eliminating targets that incorporates a lot of RPG elements. Up to four buddies can get cooperatively involved to take on exclusive bosses and and earn shared rewards.

Monster-building plays a big part of the game, and includes leveling up by completing quests, using explosive special powers at just the right moment, and improving abilities by fusing with other monsters you acquire. Some of the particularly neat mechanics here include shifting weak spots for bosses, and bumping your own allies to fire off big powers.

If you've spent any time with another hit from Japan, Puzzle & Dragons, a lot of this will seem familiar. The same old freemium mechanics are at play here, including energy bars and premium currency, but the over-the-top characters and straightforward gameplay are bound to win over lots of players.

How many of you guys have heard of Monster Strike? We have any readers in Japan that have seen this game before?

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