Inside the Nexus 4 and LTE, with AnandTech's Brian Klug

The background: The Nexus 4 technically is not supposed to be an LTE-capable device. Only, if you're in Canada (or anywhere with Band 4 LTE), you can pick up an LTE data signal by changing a simple setting. That's pretty cool, but it's not supposed to happen, especially seeing as how the phone's not certified with the FCC to do LTE. And that's a bit deal.

So to clear up some of the confusion around LTE on the Nexus 4, we turned to Brian Klug of AnandTech. I've had the pleasure of learning from Brian on two continents now, and Jerry and I had the privilege of sitting down with him to talk the tech behind LTE on the Nexus 4, and whether it's something we should expect to last. 

As you listen along, I urge you to refer to Brian's "Nexus 4 Includes Support for LTE on Band 4 (AWS)" post at AnandTech. And mad props to Brian for learnin' us a thing or three.

Phil Nickinson