Android Central Podcast Ep. 71

Thing 1: Samsung Galaxy S II

  • Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch now available online from Sprint
  • Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch gets the full root treatment
  • The top Epic 4G Touch forums
  • AT&T's Galaxy S II will be available Oct. 2 for $199 on contract

Thing 2: The HTC Rhyme (you know, for girls)

  • HTC officially announces the Rhyme for Verizon, Europe, Asia
  • Hands-on with the HTC Rhyme

Thing 3: NVIDIA Kal-El and Adobe 3D

  • NVIDIA releases project Kal-El whitepapers, unveils fifth companion CPU core for low-power use cases
  • Adobe goes 3D with Flash Player 11, AIR 3, coming in October

Thing 4 - More hardware news

  • Is this the Verizon Samsung Stratosphere, and is it coming soon?
  • LG Esteem specs and details leak -- Gingerbread and LTE for MetroPCS
  • Sprint outs the Motorola Admiral in Youtube video
  • Verizon announces the entry-level LG Enlighten, available Sept. 29
Phil Nickinson