Android Central Podcast Ep. 62: Writers' roundtable on Google+

Thing 1: Google+

  • Google goes social with Google+
Phil Nickinson
  • Sneaky!
  • hey wait a minute!
  • whaaat?
  • But, but...
    You said..
  • Never said we weren't doing one AT ALL. Just not last night. :p
  • What notification sound is that. I like it.
  • lol. That's Trillian on my desktop. :p
  • +1 on the sound, also glad to know im not going crazy hearing things. isnt there a function to export your facebook account? i havent used it and dont know what is exactly exported, but i believe i saw something under the settings.
  • yea there is. go to your Account Settings page, then click the "learn more" link beside "Download Your Information." From there, click the "Download" button.
  • I tuned in to the podcast for the first time. Good job guys! I especially like that you used Google+ as a tool FOR the podcast :-) Generally, I stray away from Facebook because I dislike the "everything's public" mentality (yeah, they have ways to send private message, etc, but it's always felt hidden or like an afterthought). Google's more privacy-oriented approach just may draw me in. Like the hosts said -- let's see where we're at in 6 months (I haven't even tried for an invite yet...)
  • Awesome podcast but Phil...please stop ending your sentences laughing and talking at the same time!!
  • There were a couple of things that I think need pointing out. First off, they failed to realize the potential of Google+ integrating with every other Google service. If you use youtube or gmail, it's now a seamless part of your social network/profile. Using Google+ your entire web experience can be integrated with your profile in a much easier way than facebook and in a bigger way than facebook will ever be able to do. Also, there is definitely a way to pull all of your info off of facebook. In fact I've done it several times. You just go to your account setting and click 'Download your information'.