Android Central Podcast Episode 26

Top o' the news - Epic 4G in the house

  • Sprint Epic 4G initial impressions and hands-on video
  • Sprint Epic 4G reservations now 'full'

Adobe Flash Summit

  • Adobe AIR coming to Android in Q4 2010
  • Adobe AIR app demos show what to expect later this year
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 now final for the Nexus One
  • Why parents will love Google TV
  • Adobe's full Google TV demonstration

Hardware news

  • T-Mobile announces the G2, with HSPA+ data speeds
  • T-Mobile confirms Motorola Charm for Aug. 25 release for a mere $75
  • A few more details emerge about Droid Pro, White Droid 2 and a Motorola tablet
  • Droid Pro is a Droid 2 with global support; LG enV2 Touch to be Android-powered
  • Additions to the Verizon roadmap leak
  • Motorola 'Jordan' rumored for T-Mobile -- and waterproof
  • HTC launching something Sept. 15 -- place your bets now
  • Square Motorola phone with AT&T stripes pops up again
  • Asus Eee Pad scheduled for March '11 launch
  • Vodafone preps for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Android OS news

  • Droid's Froyo update still pushing, Verizon says
  • After 'Gingerbread,' next Android version to be called 'Honeycomb?'
  • Droid Incredible Froyo update not coming today, Verizon says on Twitter
  • Froyo for Droid X leaked; can't be too long now
  • Custom recovery for Droid X -- almost there
  • Samsung actively testing GPS fix (erm, 'optimization') for Galaxy S phones
  • U.S. Dell Streak may skip Eclair, go straight to Froyo
  • Factory firmware for Samsung Tab availble, even if the device isn't


  • Trillian multi-client IM app now in open beta for Android
  • From the Forums -- aHome 4 beta released
  • Newest Google apps bring welcome changes to Gmail
  • Google calendar sync now to support Outlook 2010
  • New App Inventor invites from Google; showcase your creations in our forums
  • Android App Review: G4 TV
  • Android Quick App: Kids Finger Paint
  • Symantec's latest -- Tapsnake: watching your every move?
Phil Nickinson