Android Central Podcast 103: Live nude Jelly Bean flashing, Nexus abounds, group data love

Thing 1: Nexus 7 all up in here

  • Check out the official Nexus 7 guide book
  • Get to grips with new Jelly Bean features
  • Top 5 Games for your new Nexus 7
  • How to unlock the bootloader and root the Nexus 7

Thing 2: Software, software, software

  • Jelly Bean ported to the HTC HD2
  • XBMC for Android is coming soon, source code available for building and testing
  • Carbon for Android will be free, aiming for release later this month
  • Early CyanogenMod 10 preview build brings Jelly Bean to Galaxy S III

Thing 3: Other odds and ends

  • T-Mobile Galaxy Note is officially official
  • Sprint triples its LTE cities in 24 hours
  • The Nexus Q running CyanogenMod
  • AT&T announces shared data plans - not forcing anyone to switch though
Phil Nickinson