Android Central 96: HTC stuck in Customs, multitasking mayhem, Google Music drama

Thing 1: EVO 4G LTE delayed

  • HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE imports stalled by U.S. customs
  • Sprint finally acknowledges EVO 4G LTE delay on its community forums
  • Sprint EVO 4G LTE reportedly will miss Friday's launch date
  • Best Buy sending e-mails saying EVO 4G LTE preorders ship May 23

Thing 2: Sense 4 and multitasking

  • Multitasking on the HTC One X isn't broken, it's customized
  • HTC: Sense 4 multitasking and memory management working as designed

Thing 3: Google Music drama

  • Google Music limits device de-authorizations to 4 a year
  • Google addressing Music device de-authorization issues, back to 'normal' for now
  • It might be your music, but it's still not your cloud

Thing 4: More than one Nexus?

  • Google bringing multiple manufacturers to the Nexus line, WSJ reports
  • Multiple Nexus devices could be a game-changer for Google and Android
Phil Nickinson