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Android Central 310: Galaxy Note 7 hot takes

Andrew, Alex, and Daniel dive headfirst into the fiery depths of the Note 7 cancellation.

How much did Samsung know before the phone was widely released, and why didn't the company catch what was causing the first batch of phones to overheat before sending replacements? And, ultimately, how will this affect the way people look at Samsung as a company, and its future products?

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Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Really?
  • You'd prefer we didn't talk about it? It was the most important story this week.
  • Keep up the great work, sir. I appreciate this in depth discussion, as this is quite a big deal.
  • +1
  • Definitely a hot topic...
  • Yeah. This topic has been burning up the internet now for a while.
  • This is WORLD WIDE news. This isn't a flash in the pan. Pokemon coverage hit me wrong, but Note 7 BBS are actual news.
  • BOMBS* not BBS
  • Giving AC crap for the Note 7 coverage is wrong. They're doing people a service by pounding this down our throats.
  • So sensitive.
  • Im glad that Note 7 is annihilated so that us, S7 and S7 Edge owners will get all the attention ana updates we deserve!
  • Yeah, it takes a lot of creativity to beat a dead horse with speculation. To prove how meaningless this is, Jerry's professional input is missing.
  • As usual, thanks for listening!
  • Not enough questions for who knew about this before it became a cluster f&$@. I know that you all here love Samsung... But...
  • I don't know about Samsung, but I fully endorse Harry's Razors!
  • Heck yes!
  • Harry's razors due president!!!!!!
  • *for president
  • People aren't following Samsung as a brand. They like the Note line because they had a Note 2, 3, 4, 5 and the 5 let them down. So they waited for over a year for a phone with a pen and sd card. So when the Note 8 or whatever comes out the same people that USE the Spen will buy the Note 8 without regard. If Ford was the only company that made a pickup and you had it for years and many models. You too would be waiting patiently for a replacement. It's not a normal phone and it's die hard users are not normal phone users. If LG made one with a REAL stylus, people may jump. But until there is actual competition to include a stylus, people will buy the Note 8 in a heart beat. I would buy the Note 7 after they fixed it a third time. The problem is when people assume it's a phone with a pen. It's actually the ONLY phone that will work for many people that use the stylus. So the hard part is dealing with NO ALTERNATIVE for the next year. I'm not powering down my device at the moment, that seems to be when they catch on fire. So the stupid carriers and the like who keep advising people to power it down are moron's. It's like saying the the Ford Pinto can explode if rear ended , so you should empty the gas and return it. (Fumes are worse than the gas if you didn't know). Many knew the Note 5 would fail. Samsung forgot to ask the people that sought out and paid more than any other phone why they spent their money on a Note. But people who never had a Note thought this was a great phone. All the websites said it was beautiful. They realized later that they screwed up taking away all the functions of the Note 2,3,4. We didn't want a beautiful truck we wanted a function truck that we can use to work etc. Duh.... So die hards don't care much how pretty the phone is, they want all the bells and whistles over looks. Plus EVERYONE grabs a case to protect and pretty much cover up all that expensive So don't assume you know more than the people that have been seeking out the Note series phones for years, that they wouldn't jump on the next Note. Not to mention most people who couldn't live :P without their Note, traded or sold it to get the Note 7. So that is why they are basically refusing to give it back. My 2 Cents
  • So you would drive a car that might explode? Got it. You Samsung apologists are to much. It is only a phone. I like phones as much as the next guy but this is madness. Move on.
  • No, the Pinto and people saying to drain the fuel are idiots. I'm not powering down the device since that is when the fires were reported...
  • BS. Tell that to the lady that it burned while in her back pocket. I'm sure she had it on her just as a fashion statement....
  • What? ? I'm saying that powering down the device and not charging it doesn't keep it from burning up. Just like draining the gas out of the Pinto......oh never mind you must be too young to understand the Pinto example....:P
  • Too young?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok.
  • He's not a "Samsung apologist".
    He gave a very reasonable explanation about why he wants a Note. If you bothered to read and understand what he wrote you wouldn't be calling him names.
  • @noellenchris
    "So the hard part is dealing with NO ALTERNATIVE for the next year." Give the LG Stylus 2 Plus a shot. It's not the biggest, baddest phone around, but it does have a stylus and software for it, full HD 5.7" display, a removable battery and decent camera.
  • Very well stated, sir. Please ignore trolls. Just like the keyboard warriors, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I, with trepidation, preordered the Pixel XL, but I know it's not a Note. :( Here's to hoping the revitalized Note 8 (or whatever it may be called). And, TBH, I never thought about Andrew's comment before about the screen, but it's an obvious duh. I really hate "downgrading" to a smaller & less "compact" phone.
  • "I'm not powering down my device at the moment, that seems to be when they catch on fire." You're wrong. Dead wrong. You do whatever you want, but know that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about here.
  • Why do all the Iphone and Blackberry users seek out and troll stuff they don't own? Weird.
    Jerry to say I'm dead wrong is ridiculous. You don't know me and don't know that I have 26 years electronics. It's easy to troll and claim that someone has no idea what they are talking about. I've also had experience with guys like you as I've been a moderator on XDA for almost 10yrs too. But hey you called me out. I currently work for the Federal Aviation Administration on all the navigation and landing systems at the airports. Prior to that I was in the Air Force working on all the avionics for 20+ years. But "I have no idea" . Lol. My phone won't blow up and will be fine till the S7 they are sending me get's here. I've worked in electronics since I was a kid and wouldn't make a comment unless I knew what I was talking about. Any phone can explode. Some more prone than others. But several of the phones reported catching fire were oddly powered down. And to prove I'm right, read all the post below mine and around the web, not to mention the almost 2 million phones replaced are most likely still in circulation while people wait for replacement in stock. Where are all the DEAD WRONG people??? Sure it's a risk, but again where are all the fires?? I never said I was keeping this phone, I just stated what people will go through. I ordered a replacement right after it was recalled, I knew it would be the death of the N7 and had to move on.
    I was just stating why people are attached to the Note phones and why they will still buy the next one.
    Phone was powered down and started smoking.
  • Nothing worse than a know it all who doesn't know ****! **I wrote my comment before I saw Jerry's comment. Jerry is spot on.
  • I agree 100% im waiting on the N8, the N7 was the best phone todate!!!
  • I couldn't have said it better. AMEN, maybe Samsung wishes they had a removable battery too now!
  • It might not be the battery. It might be the voltage regulator. We simply don't know cause they haven't told us.
  • Exactly, every no it all on this site keeps saying it's the battery. No one knows yet.
  • Mate with you 100%. The note is not a fashion item or a fad but a useful work tool. The 7 just happened to also be fantastic as a phone and just be a beautiful piece of kit. The 7 edge just isn't the same; I for one struggled to hand my note back and will buy the next iteration without question. Samsung has come ahead leaps and bounds in design and I have high hopes for next year.
  • I agree with everything you said.. I'm pissed I have to return it. I'm getting ready to fly so I need to switch back to my Note 4!! I love them. I skipped the 5 and am so disappointed but I'll buy an 8 for sure.
  • The Note 5 is as great phone to me, especially coming from a Note 2.
  • No on pixel! No removable storage at the least!
  • I am hopefully waiting on the Lenovo Phab Plus with Tango Yes I am one of the screen size fans it has a 6.4 inch screen. coming in November..
  • That's a BIG phone. Like, massive.
  • I still have mine, I'm going to wait to turn mine in or until it's mandatory for me to. I understand some will say I'm crazy but I don't care. I like the phone,
  • Oh, u crazy...
  • ;-)
  • I get it, some people who use snote for work will be out of luck and all the artist that use the pressure sensitive features. Well, for many there is no current option. Hopefully the next Note will have same features plus a removable battery or at least easier to disassemble. I remember when IPODs were almost as hard as these current Android phones. But now Iphone's are super easy to work on and fix.
  • Again with the removable battery... come on! Removable or not it could leak and melt your phone. It's not like you'll rush to disassemble it if it started to explode, leak, etc... wait, from your comments, maybe YOU would.
  • @Daniel Tolman Removable batteries are sensible, flexible, safer, smarter and overall superior to non-removable batteries.
  • Not at all safer actually
  • That was the other thing mentioned in a non official discussion (by any means) ... The flight attendant had said no spare lithium ion spare batteries, power packs etc. Were allowed on 'their' planes either... Not sure which airline she flew with... But interesting non the less...
  • Far less safe, actually.
  • So someone buying a garbage third party battery from a shady seller on eBay is the better option?
  • Well, if a removable battery explodes, it can sometimes act as a flying projectile. Don't underestimate these things. They may be small but once they pop, they generate a whole world of pain.
  • If they could, they could have sent out batteries to replace them the first time. But the way they build them, it's near impossible to fix or repair the phone. So it ends up adding to all the electronic waste out there as it's one and done build methodology. I don't carry extra batteries around and haven't had the need to replace the battery for a few years. But I've replaced many Iphone 4, 5 and 6 screens/charge ports/ batteries and they only take like 10min tops. So I think it's smart to engineer them to be repaired etc. But Samsung is somewhat greedy, I mean surround the phone with glass??? Ok, also make it so I have to use piano wire and high heat to remove any of the glass or parts? WTH, But hey troll on and make stupid comments to make you feel better.
  • Hey! Stupid just called. They want thief moniker back!
  • Their
  • Why do you keep saying it's the battery?
  • Because without a battery, there is no fire. The First Recall, they claimed it was the battery from one manufacturer. So the replacement phones only had the "good" battery. But only Samsung knows what really caused it. But if you short out a lithium battery in ANYTHING, your gonna have a fire.
  • No you are stupid for putting others at risk.
  • You're not crazy, you're stupid. Huge difference.
  • Eventually I believe they will force an update onto the phone making it in usable
  • I really hope they send out an update that basically bricks the phone.
  • Why? Why do you care and want them to brick them?
  • Keep up the great work Android Central. Things have really improved around here.
  • Really good listen...only thing is I'm still going time be waiting with bated breath for the Note 8...or maybe they can call it the Note 6 which in sure in hindsight they'd have loved may not have come with the bad karma...
  • Hell hath no furry like a #6 scorned.....
  • No one is mentioning "heads rolling" in the engineering/R&D departments???
  • Their engineers knew about it, and even pleaded with them to issue a recall and went so far as to say they would give up their bonuses if they would... This goes to the people who made the choice to go ahead knowing the risks. They are responsible... Same can be said to those who refuse to exchange their phones... Knowing the risks and doing the same.
  • If I see anyone out with a note 7, I'm going to shove it up their nose and make them like it.
  • If that's true I'll never buy anything Samsung again.
  • The funny (well not really funny) thing is I am not as mad at Samsung as I am AT$T. As much as Samsung will take a hit over this, and rightfully so, in the end they just made a lemon. A fire laden quasi bomb of a lemon sure but many products have potentially disastrous components in them if they fail. So to some degree we have to accept these things will happen. No matter what energy source has ever, or ever will be, employed to power things, those power sources will bring with them potential hazards. The reason I am more upset with AT$T is for their blatant profiteering in this situation. Should they bear the cost of Samsung's f*** up? Of course not. But they are the ones in position to leverage Samsung to make them whole again. We the consumer really aren't. Samsung will always need AT$T to carry whatever device it comes up with next to try and rebuild their Brand. AT$T will of course say "absolutely we'll sell that phone. But we're gonna need a sweeter purchase price on our end to make up what we lost in the Note 7." Or however those deals go down. Point is they have that power whatever it might be. But here we are. The loyal customer who ran out to buy the phone to begin with. Went through the first recall still loyal and enthusiastic to get our replacement Note 7 and carry on with no hard feelings. During that time we could have essentially borrowed any phone we wanted until the new notes arrived. No big deal right? It was just a no commitment loaner. But now this. No new Note coming down the line and so now that "loaner" will now have to become a contracted/financed phone. That in and of itself is not a big deal. Just because there is no other Note like phones is again not AT$T's fault. HOWEVER... Samsung says we'll give you a $100 credit to stay with a Samsung product and AT&T uses that as an opportunity to jack the price of the phones that will meet the terms of that credit so that they still get full retail. But that's not all of it. On a phone call to AT$T last night I was told the S7 now has a $99 down payment requirement! So now this cluster*** is going to cost me $99 so that AT$T can not only absorb the credit from Samsung but recover some of the losses upfront on our backs since the credit will take 1-3 billing cycles to credit. I don't know maybe I've watched The Big Short one too many times but I can't help but feel like you could just copy and paste the names Samsung, AT$T, S7 and Note 7 into some of those scenes and the context would be unchanged. Steve Carell looking angrily as someone tells him that now the same S7 variants are coincidentally $100 more expensive than they were before the Note came out even though the underlying demand and value of the company that produced them has gone down they are inexplicably carrying a higher market value??? I know this because at the time of the Note 7 preorder there was a big offer and it clearly listed the price of the S7 as a benchmark for the value of the bogo phones that qualified. I have screen shots I took for another argument I was having with AT$T at the time. And you can do a simple Google search as to S7 values written in articles and phone reviews published at the time. So Samsung needs to give us a channel to bypass the carrier and get the S7 straight from them since the carrier's are just gonna look out for themselves. Or in my opinion an even better solution would be to release new old stock of Note 5's and 4's they have warehoused somewhere. They don't have to be free but they need to be available in installments just like our original agreement was. I'm not looking for free but I'm not looking to be taken advantage of either in this whole thing.
  • You think that att would pass any savings on to you?
  • No but let's be perfectly clear about what they are doing. They are making sure they receive the $100 and not us which is who Samsung intended it for. AT$T I'm sure will seek their own remedy. So they are trying to take ours on top of that. It's not just a savings they aren't passing along.
  • This is what happens when you're massively in cahoots with the carriers.
  • Wake me up when the Note 8 goes on sale. I don't want to hear any rumours about its specs and features. Just sell me the phone next September. (I'm actually amazed at how well my Note 4 is performing. I've never used my driver android phone before for more than 12 months. This Note 4 will be 24 in December. )
  • I personally have 3 note 5s all 64 giged and wanted a 7 but glad I kept the 5 (ME AND THE NUMBER 5 LOVE EACH OTHER) I waited for the 5 series to come out and thought it has no SD slot I have tons of cloud space given that I want be needing a new phone for well let see about 4 maybe 5 years I hangon to mine why 3 you say ok the down fall water proofing is my issuse had to send it in both work I hate being charged( att be rippin but choices I made was a metropcs lover best I ever had just no notes for both but looks like the best go for now nope not for sale yet
  • I have to agree, but I thought I would miss the extra's but I never had any issues with my 5 also a 64gb. But it's gone on trade for the first N7. I think many are like you and me as well, but don't have the N5 anymore. Good luck and smart idea moving stuff to the cloud.
  • I want to know one thing. Why is nobody talking about how stupid an idea it is to not have a user replaceable battery. Wouldn't this has solved the issue? What benefit does an end user receive by having a sealed unit, and no I don't care whether my phone is waterproof, no I don't care if I would have 20 minutes less battery life. Anything else? As to the question of Note brand. I have a Note 3 that I just retired for a BlackBerry Priv. I miss the pen, but I love the hard keyboard and marshall's ability to kill access to app privileges. As to the Note brand, hasn't affected it at all. I hope Samsung releases a Note 8 within 6 months, I'll take a look..
  • non replaceable batterys are better for the manufacturer. more easy to build and when the customers battery goes belly (or losing capacity after 1 year) he has to send it for repair or buy a new device. i personally don't care anymore - removable or not - my phone's battery lasting days and when i need 1-2 days more i would buy the moto battery mod.
  • Amazin' discussion of Note 7 troubles
  • Interesting discussion, but seem to be ringing the death knell a bit early. Just this one major issue with Samsung in recent memory. People are pretty forgiving and I don't see why the S8 would need to be proven safe -- the S7 is stellar and has had no issues. Agree tho the Note line is tainted -- just not sure if beyond repair tho. Maybe the analogy will hold about flying after 911 ... the next Note might be the safest haha.
  • Call me crazy but i just don't think it's gonna damage the brand too much... I think people understand that crap happens! I'm not scared of the new note that will come out... I mean it's one thing if they didn't give full refund or ignored the issue but jeez they had a screw up and refunded the product.. I will still pre order the next note ! I'm excited about it and in this day and age I'm NOT WORRIED about getting burned by Samsung and i don't think the majority of consumers are worried about it! Yes people are loyal to Samsung the same way people are loyal to i Phones