Android Central 305: Recall me maybe

This week, Daniel, Andrew, Jerry and Flo chat about — what else? — the Galaxy Note 7 recall. What Samsung and carriers have done well, and how they've let us down. Trust us, there's a bunch of both.

Plus, the LG V20 is a great big phone, but will it be a great big success for LG when the company really needs one?

And there was another "courageous" phone announcement this week. The team dives deep into the new water resistant phone from the other guys.

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Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Really? The title? Sooo cheese. Lol.
  • This Note 7 recall and related issues should be an educational moment especially for those who jumped headfirst onto the "Note 7 is God's smartphone" bandwagon within 12 hours of the release. We all should know better regarding any new tech product, let alone a device as complex as a flagship smartphone.
  • This.
  • You mean like the new iPhone pre order, where customers are already being told they're on back order until November?
  • ... nope. Posted via the Android Central App
  • My iPhone 7 256GB will be at my door on 9/16.....just sayin.
  • That's awesome. But his point was about people who jump into new phones without waiting out potential new release bugs. But I'm pretty sure he was referring to Samsung only... lol
  • I'm sure he was!
  • It took a lot of courage for Apple to get you that phone by 9/16.
  • Pre ordered from sprint.
  • I believe the jet black was delayed to redo the finish to be more scratch resistant to avoid a scratchgate situation and face a recall
  • You're holding it wrong...
  • I don't get this argument in any way. So if we like a phone, we have to temper our reaction to using it just because "oh well it could catch on fire and have a global recall ... so pump the brakes!" That's in no way a likely thing that we need to factor into a review or an evaluation of a phone. This can, realistically, happen to any phone. When Samsung had shown no propensity to have manufacturing issues in the past, this really shouldn't have been something for us to expect.
  • First, there's nothing wrong with anyone liking a phone. But that isn't at all what I said, right? There is no justification for the amount of hype and declarations of "best phone" etc, until enough time has passed to discover real world issues. Otherwise, you are just a carnival barker shouting "Step right up and see the most wonderful phone in the world!" And second, you know very well that the initial complaints were not limited to melting phones. Finally, regardless of their track record, all major manufacturers are going to be vulnerable to serious bugs, especially when it comes to tech products being assembled by low-wage labor. I shouldn't have to remind anyone of this.
  • Your a moron
  • Captain of your debate team?
  • *You're
  • Honestly, this is how tech reviews work most of the time. It's not just the fanboys . it's the journalists. Tech moves at the blazing fast pace. In 5 months, a new phone is released. Waiting months to declare something is the best make sense, but is not practical in the tech circles. You might as well not declare anything the best, as something new always shows up. but then, where's the fun in that?
  • This is literally an unprecedented event. Nothing like this has ever happened on anything remotely like this scale before. The Shield tablet was no where near this many devices. This is a learning experience for Samsung, along with the rest of the mobile tech community. If something like this ever happens again it will be handled better. Technology changes too fast to sit around and hesitate about buying what you want because of an irrational fear of what MIGHT happen.
  • There are no unprecedented events. Literally or conceptually. That's the problem I have with this mindless hype regarding products that are manufactured with parts from different vendors from different countries and assembled by low-wage workers who can't afford to purchase what they are putting together all day. How would there not be major bugs that crop up from time to time?
  • Don't be so dramatic about the "courage" comment AC, there not saying fireman type courage, they're saying it from a business perspective.
  • The courage to follow LeEco and Motorola.
  • Lol, then Motorola had the courage to contradict its design a few months later.
  • While I'm not a Phil Shil... fan, I think he was very poorly referencing a comment Steve Jobs made back years ago during a Walt Mossberg / Kara Swisher D8 interview. To paraphrase, Steve said that Apple had courage of conviction in the choices they made with emerging technologies to make great products. if they are right, customers will buy the products, if not, customers wouldn't - it will work itself out. (google: Steve Jobs-Courage) It's a much better explanation for the motivation. Clearly Phil Shil. is not Steve Jobs.
  • Ha ha. Business sense of courage. The only courage they had was to troll Apple users into parting with more money by taking something away. It's laughable how so many people are blinded by Apple and think Apple actually care about there customers. It's all about the money. Don't for a second think that the new iPhone is an upgrade. They took something away from it that was not a problem to begin with. The idea that it was an archaic audio option that was replaced by something better is so wrong. It's not a standard that any tech/audio company can use. It's ONLY for an Apple device and will always be ONLY for an Apple device. It won't be a audio standard used universally. 2 things could happen. People could say. Nope not having that and then Apple bring back the audio jack. I don't personally think that will happen unless the phone really tanks. Or they will be stubborn regardless and BS blind fanboys into believing that they should tolerate it and spend large amount of money on headphones dongles or wireless ones just to continue and keep there bottom line healthy. I think this is more likely.
  • Everyone needs to remember that nothing can make the music they are listening to better than the original source — which used analog audio connectors for the instruments and vocals. It's a shame, really. I kind of liked other things they have done, like the new button that's not a button. But this iPhone isn't one I'll be buying.
  • Jerry, True, but the audio quality of most downloaded music, unless you're listening to FLAC, is not much better than what BT 4.0 and smartphone DACs are able to deliver to a decent set of headphones. I think Apple jumped the gun and should have started to deliver the benefits of a digital audio interface before killing the analog port and I'll miss it because of compatibility and convenience, but when I really want to hear decent music quality, I use the analog ports on my 30 year old Nakamichi Stasis AMP and ELAC speakers.
  • Well Bez54, I'm no "fanboy" of any company, I just don't get emotional about a phone. I have a Note 5 (returned the 7) and soon I'll ADD the iPhone 7, because I like my software updated.
  • The comment was not directed at you bud. It was directed at the courage defender. Just how the comments worked out on the AC app it went after your comments. Anyone that try to defend the keynote comments and total dickbaggery of the speakers claiming courage and or saving lives are on point for my rebuttals. Good luck with your new purchase.
  • the adapter comes with the phone
  • I came here just for that title. Love it.
  • Sorry you guys are wrong it's not carriers fault about Note 7 problems First time I have disagreed with you guys. I work for Verizon we are doing what's best for our customers. We stopped selling Note 7 and told customers to return and get another device! We are all about our Customers!!!!
  • You sound like a huge shill
  • +1
  • The carriers are one part of the transaction where money leaves one set of hands and to go into another. The customer is the other side. Samsung is not involved in this. Verizon's name is not only permanently engraved under the glass on the phone, they even have top billing over Samsung. This is clearly Verizon's (insert any other North American carrier 'cuz it's the same with all of them) phone, built to Verizon's specifications, with Verizon's custom software. And sold directly to Verizon from Samsung. Tell us again how Verizon is not responsible for all facets of distribution to their own customers. EDIT: Holy crap this sounds mean. Not meant to be mean, just matter-of-fact. I might be an asshole, but not this kind of asshole :) And FTR — I mean Verizon as a company. Not any employee, who might be trying his best to help.
  • I guess you told him....
  • Well put...completely agree. The part where I blame Samsung is still bending over back for carriers instead of taking control of the entire phone experience, from software to hardware.
  • Yup. But like any other company, those dollars mean more than customers do.
  • Absolutely correct, Jerry. Thank you.
  • Putting the blame for the battery on carriers is like putting the blame on a car dealer for faulty brakes and not the car manufacturer.
  • Hey verizon,I don't want your 5Gb of Verizon cloud,I want my 15Gb of Samsung cloud,and on, and on, and on. Get the Fk. out of my phone, and be the dumb pipe that you are. You know, like all carriers are with Apple phones. No one blames verizon for samsung's battery, and you know that.People blame verizon for being verizon, and along with the other carriers, for being as anti consumer as the best legislation they can buy.
  • But putting the blame on the dealer for problems getting those faulty brakes look at and fixed is what we're talking about here.
  • May be tell your employer not to crap up phones with god awful Verizon firmware, bloat and that non removable ugly looking Verizon logo. All about !!! And yes applies to other carriers as well to some degree.
  • I hope you're not the guy in charge of emailing Verizon's customers. Sorry.. That troll reached my finger tips.
  • I love the "Apple Plug" for upgrading iphones to 7
  • it makes me so sad that Flo is in this week podcast and I have no video. I have to watch and listen to Flo.
  • Good God man, go take a cold shower!
  • I liked the podcast as I always do, but when moto removed the 3.5mm jack you talked about how this is going to happen to all phones eventually and how we have Bluetooth and went very easy on them. Then apple does the same thing which is no surprise, we've known it was coming forever and you lose it? It's just a bit hypocritical. Calling out apple on being pompous I'll all for, even though I'm am interested in apple products too, I think I strained my eye muscles from rolling them so often during the event.
  • For the record, I lost it when Motorola did it and any of the people who had to listen to me can verify :P
  • It's ******* me off that Moto/Lenovo did that to such a great phone otherwise, but the free JBL speaker i got free from Best Buy is softening the blow a bit. They could have at least left it in the Force, but at least they have us the adapter like Apple did.
  • Your right you absolutely did, but the rest of the group seemed very calm about it, totally different vibe. Maybe it's just who happened to be on the podcast , it just felt like the overall reaction was very different.
  • it's been pretty bad. I will be traveling out of the country next week and I was going back and forth with Samsung and T Mobil. The retailer would tell me one thing, customer care would tell me something else. Eventually I was able to get a "loaner" from T Mobile but the message has not been spread well.
  • I blame Samsung for bringing the release date forward to be before iPhone September launch to gain sales advantage and having to shorten quality control testing of components
  • How do you know that's the chain of events that led to this? I can guarantee it took more than a couple weeks to make 2.5 million Note 7s.
  • You realize they also released the Note 5 also in the third week of August?
  • You guys are overtly wrong when it comes to the ownership ratio and execution on this recall in regards to carriers/Samsung. I have friends that from each of the four major carriers, and Samsung's involvement in this issue has been to send their sales team around and ask the employees at the carrier stores to "shed a good light on Samsung, and focus on the amazing sPen." This isn't isolated to VZW or AT&T or TMo or Sprint, thats the extent of backend work being put in by Samsung. Why? Because their backend focus is on salvaging the enormous repercussions of this event. Forget the huge loss of money, its small change for Samsung, I'm talking brand devaluation and a lesser seat at the negotiation table when it comes to distribution channels from this day forward. So we're talking about long term diminishing residual revenue when it comes to floor space and promotional execution at the hand to hand level due to a cost/risk issue at the B2B level. Everyone of the carriers is paying for overhead/payroll/logistical fees/loss of sellable inventory times hundreds of stores, times two once these customers start returning their so called "interim devices." Not to mention emails and text messages being sent out from all sources as well. I got a text from my carrier before I did Samsung concerning this issue and SAMSUNG BUILT THE PHONE. They need to OWN that. You guys assume way to much and your lack of understanding for these things from a "how to actually handle a situation like this versus writing a self congratulatory slacktivist puff piece" and then claiming your did more for people concerning this issue than the carriers show just how milquetoast amateur you truly are when it comes to the industry. You brag about having information on this issue up before the carriers had information about it as if you have anything even remotely resembling the same kind of responsibility they do when it comes to things like this. Are you really taking that stance seriously? Inside baseball suggests that Samsung has changed what this thing looks like approximately once every four hours making it almost impossible for anyone selling thier Galaxy Bomb 7 phones to pin down a statement that the will be held legally accountable for making. You can take a trend in the forum, shut down the OP, post your own article to the main page in order to boost ad revenue by re-routing the traffic and change its narrative ala carte with ZERO repercussions from clients who may be affected to the tune of 10,000 or more deployed devices or even "Jack," who is really mad at a store employee who is JUST LIKE YOU because Samsung dropped the ball. I generally like your content here, but this podcast was...just, no. You are wrong. Riddle me this, what does the Note7 Recall look like without the carriers? Mail your time bomb back to Samsung in Korea and await for them to send you an S7E that you will then be able to re-mail back to them and have them re-mail you a Note7 that doesn't blow up? Or maybe drive 500 miles one way and hope the Samsung closet at Best Buy has enough product to replace every note in a given tri-state area? Or wait, even better, have Samsung develop their own retail sales/distribution centers in the US and let them handle it...oh wait, that takes a HUGE amount of resources, execution and accountability. Regardless, try to shed a good light on Samsung. *cigarette flicked into a dark black night*
  • My heart bleeds for them.Where can we send donations to these poor, altruistic souls?
  • Damn just listened Flo is garbage guys, she interrupts just like she does on the AAA
  • I have been listening to AAA for years as well as AC. I had to stop listening to AAA about 6 months after she started hosting because I just couldn't take her. "BTDUBS" "omg" " millennial" "BART" "y'all" some of a few things she says waaaaay to often that really grated against me. I hope she is a bit more mature on this more subdued podcast. I miss Phill already.
  • Is Florence ion going to be a regular feature from now on?
  • Liked the podcast! Special thanks to Jerry and Andrew for their contributions regarding LG V20 and iphone 7. Thanks!
  • There was a larger call back in 2007 when Nokia had to recall over 40 million phone batteries.
    However, because Nokia had a much better customer service and a bigger presence back then, the entire process went a bit smoother.
  • Interesting, welcome Flo. A nice discussion overall. A bit too much Apple talk. However, this week the discussion just seemed drier, less light. I miss the user questions; where are they? Anyway, it just seemed to drag. Not quite as lively and interesting or rich like past (Phil-based) broadcasts. . . I guess I miss Phil most on the podcasts!