Android Central 138: Someone got Android in my Camera

Thing 1: Samsung still making things

  • Samsung 'Galaxy NX' Android-based mirrorless camera pictured
  • Mirrorless 'Galaxy Camera 2' to launch at Samsung London event next week
  • Samsung announces Galaxy S4 Zoom: 16MP camera, 10x optical zoom, full phone capabilities
  • Making sense of the Galaxy S4 Zoom
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active available June 21 on AT&T for $199 on contract
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active up for pre-order on AT&T

Thing 2: The agony over iOS 7

  • Apple's iOS 7 'copied' everyone - and that's a good thing

Thing 3: Google Music update is a good thing

  • Google Play Music update brings faster downloads, better data controls
  • Google Play Music All Access will be my first paid music subcription service
  • Testing Google Play Music's new streaming quality settings

Thing 4: The Android Central app and Talk Mobile

Phil Nickinson
  • Thanks guys. Great as usual, happy flag day. Posted via Android Central App
  • Great podcast. Love listening to it via the new app. Easier then using Podcaster. Posted via Android Central App
  • Is it just me or are the podcasts always better without video. Better quality and less talking over each other. As someone that doesn't watch the video version I vote for more audio only...with cardboard cut outs. Good show guys.
  • Less for us to worry about, for sure. :)
  • Great show Posted via Android Central App