PlayStation emulator PSX4Droid pulled from the Android Market

Back when PSX4Droid was initially announced a lot of users were pleased to of have had a PlayStation emulator arrive on the scene. Here we are now, many months later and we're getting a Sony Ericsson built device with PlayStation gaming capabilities built right. I'm guessing at the time no one thought that would happen but indeed, it has.

Now, with Sony Ericsson Xperia Play arriving on the scene it appears as though some emulators are being removed from the Android Market with Google citing "Content Policy violation" as the reasoning and some folks wondering if Sony is really behind their removal. Google however, only offered a short statement on the matter:

"We remove apps from Android Market that violate our policies."

We're not ready to blame Sony for this, however, Zodttd, the developer behind PSX4Droid, has quickly asserted he is under that impression while others blame improper GPL License use as the reason. Be it suspicious timing, GPL license issues or just plain bad luck -- other emulators of the same nature still remain in the Android Market namely, FPSe. That begs the question what the deal was with PSX4Droid? [Twitter; via PocketGamer, Engadget, Mobiputing and JoyStiq]